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Hyperlite 2013 AJ Boot -9

Regular Price: $320.00

Special Price: $256.00

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The Jimmy Lariche pro model AJ Boot was designed to be flexible and stylish. The 2013 model accomplished both of those goals easily. Performance-wise the AJ boot provides mid-range flexion and support. Learn More

Hyperlite 2016 Focus Boot OT

Regular Price: $229.99

Special Price: $183.99

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The Focus is a fully adjustable design which allows for a wide array of foot sizes. Our all-new Low-Pro plate features the most light weight feel and close to the board connection we have offered to date. Learn More

2013 Hyperlite Union Wakeboard

Regular Price: $549.99

Special Price: $209.99

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The Union series is the culmination of years of development and the combination of our most advanced materials and construction methods. Inspired by our team, the Union series blends the functionality of a traditional wakeboard with the flex and feel of a thinner park board. Our Crossover SL Core combines both Nova and E-Core materials to produce a lightweight feel with maximum durability. The 360-degree ABS sidewall construction provides superior impact protection while the Sintered Enduro base offers our most durable running surface to date. The Union shape itself is designed around a continuous rocker line which provides great pop and maintains speed into the wake. The subtle base features allow this series to generate edge hold but also provides solid contact on rails. Allowing a rider the option to micro adjust their stance with the addition of the Strata Mounting system was the final element to this innovative design. Learn More

Hyperlite Producer Wakeboard Bag

Regular Price: $84.99

Special Price: $67.99

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The Producer will get you and your gear there safely, encased in foam padding, including multiple storage pockets for wet and dry gear and room to store much more than just your board. Opens completely for simple packing with grab and go handles and a padded shoulder strap, Learn More

Hyperlite 2016 20' Surf Rope w/ Handle

Regular Price: $49.95

Special Price: $39.96

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Grab your favorite surfer and start ripping with hyperlites new 20 ft braided surf rope. Wide comfortable suede grip , and a foam float every 2 ft you and your friends will be up and killing it in no time. Available in 3 rad colors. Learn More

Hyperlite 2016 Franchise Wakeboard + Focus Boots

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Insane pop and features packed into a do everything deck. jimmy LaRiche keeps the party rocking on his Hyperlite Pro Model the Franchise, an innovative shape that anyone can strap into and feel at home on. The continuous rocker lays the foundation for a fast board that carves and edges with ease.

Biolite 3 Core
M6 Inserts
Continuous rocker
Tapered Fin and Channel Alignment
Minimum Swing Weight
Layered Glass Learn More

Hyperlite 2016 Murray Wakeboard + Team OT Boots

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Shaun's favorite, shaped from 20 years of Wakeboard passion. Shaun Murray is releasing his 20th Pro Model edition in Hyperlite's 25th anniversary season. The Murray shape begins with a Subtle 3-Stage Rocker, there is no flat spot, the rocker simply increases under foot for a colossal boost of the wake. Carrying on from past shapes Shaun kept the Variable Edge Design and Center Landing Spine making the board enjoyable for all ability levels. The board's edge is rounded between the inserts, sharpening under foot and then cupped at the tip and tail delivering solid edge hold when you want it and forgiveness when you need it.

Team OT delivers high- end ride support with an open toe, offering you more freedom and flexibility. Learn More

Byerly 2015 System Wakeboard Boot

Regular Price: $309.99

Special Price: $199.90

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The Byerly team is excited to announce the addition of a revolutionary new System boot to the line. Partnering with Hyperlite, the Byerly team has designed a new boot tailored to the specific needs of their athletes. The Byerly boot features a slightly lower cuff for maximum mobility but added reinforcement provides a supportive lateral feel Learn More

Hyperlite 2016 Relapse Wakeboard

Regular Price: $379.95

Special Price: $303.96

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JD has upped his game and his riding speaks for itself, but we know it's the Relapse that has him so excited. JD Webb has been crushing it this season and one of the factors has to be his new Pro Model Wakeboard, the Relapse! Over the years JD and Butch have worked closely to create the best wake riding machine and this is hands down the greatest shape these two have produced Learn More

Hyperlite AJ Wakeboard Boots Size 9

Regular Price: $279.99

Special Price: $179.95

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Ride to the beat of your own drum with the Hyperlite AJ Wakeboard Boots! This unique sneaker inspired boot is most known for its low cuff design that is perfect for boarders who take on a freeride style. A redesigned two part construction that is stronger than ever before and a new EVA-lite outsole give the AJs comfort right where you want it. Learn More

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