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Parks Bonifay Documentary DVD

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The Parks Documentary has arrived at ActiveWake. Over 27 years of record setting achievements and five years in the making, the documentary of the one and only Parks Bonifay is complete on DVD. Its not just a Parks Documentary its a Parksumentary. Parks’ entire life is offered up in in-depth clarity. An athlete not only raised to excel at a sport, but born into it. Parks has been wowing spectators since before he could walk, and it has been nearly 13 years since he took the wakeboarding world by storm. No athlete has had as much influence on the sport, industry and future riders as Parks. To put it simply, Parks is wakeboarding.

Wakeboard Industry Reviews:

“I don’t think anybody is ever gonna have a story like that. The Alliance guys nailed it. It was sick. No joke, I shed a tear.” — Scott Byerly, CEO Byerly Boards

“It wasn’t a wakeboard video. It’s an unbelievable story that everybody needs too see. In this case wakeboarding was a vehicle for a great story.” — Jimmy Redmon, co-founder Liquid Force

“It was heavy. It was not just about Parks’ life, but about his heritage, where he came from. I don’t think any other video ever can replicate that.” — Pat Panakos, owner The Projects

“I thought it would be tough to do Parks justice in a one-hour movie, but it more than delivered. The whole thing blew me away.” — Danny Harf

“Probably the most important wakeboard video in the history of the sport.” — Adam Levitt, Editor-in-Chief SBC Wake Magazine

“The Parks Documentary was ill. It was very nostalgic for me. I’m very honored to be a small part of this historical movie.” — Randall Harris

“It was amazing to actually see the footage from the start to now. What other athlete has that documentation of their entire life? It’s Parks. He’s like the Messiah of water sports… Sidenote: I loved the trick skiing.” — Dan-O

“For me being able to see the memories I have of growing up watching and idolizing Parks come to life on the big screen was unbelievable.” — Trevor Hansen

“Unbelievable.” — Phil Soven

“I didn’t know what to expect. I was welling up because it was so awesome to see part of my life and all of his life up there. He’s like my little brother, and I just have such a sense of pride for him. Really, it was the best movie I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen porn…” — Zane Schwenk

“It was the best way to see a story be told. Obviously Parks had the life to back up the story, but without the Alliance guys, Josh and Keith, putting it together the way they did, it wouldn’t have been half as good. Props to those guys for pulling it off.” — Shaun Murray

“It wasn’t a video. It’s a film. And it was perfect. Everybody should go see it.” — Tony Finn, co-founder & CEO Liquid Force

“It was incredible. We’ve been working on this thing for so long and you never think that it could possibly live up to the hype we created for it, but people were moved to tears. It was everything I imagined it would be and more.” — Tony Smith