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ActiveWake is your online Wakeboard Shop offering free shipping on every wakeboard and no sales tax.  Wakeboarding has never been better with huge tech advancements coming from the top brands like Liquid Force, Hyperlite, Ronix, Byerly and Slingshot. 

We have a huge selection of wakeboard gear that is available with fast-shipping and excellent customer service.

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Liquid Force 2016 Super Trip

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The SUPER TRIP is the definition of an “all-terrain” board. With an updated outline and rocker template for 2016, the board just keeps getting better! This board remains the best of both worlds as it features the ultra-smooth Continuous Rocker Trip shape that we’ve all grown to love with our Hybrid Tech for an alternative riding style. The slightly updated rocker still offers a really quick edge to edge feel that keeps the rider progressing along smoothly around the corners but has been slightly increased to provide a little more boost up the modern wake. Learn More

Liquid Force Remedy 2015

Regular Price: $449.99

Special Price: $335.99

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Liquid Force Remedy 2015 Learn More

Byerly 2013 JIB Wakeboard

Regular Price: $529.99

Special Price: $169.50

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When Scott Bouchard approached the Byerly team for input in designing the Jib, Byerly's first true flex board, the team wanted more. More flex, more lightness, more pop, more speed, more durability.

Rocker Type:
Blended 3-Stage - Lying between a true 3-Stage rocker and a Continuous rocker, the Blended 3-Stage is designed to boot the rider off the wake, while generating good speed into the wake without the traditional 3-Stage drag.

Tri-ax Glass - Featuring a configuration of fibers running in three directions, this glass allows for maximum durability while still allowing the board to flex.

360-degree multi-color ABS sidewall

Fully Machined Crossover Flex Core

Sintered Enduro Base - The most durable and strongest running surface Byerly offers

Shaped by Butch
Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
Rocker Type: Three-Stage Hybrid
Core Material: Foam, Wood
Base Type: Slider/Grind Base

Rider Weight (lbs) 160+ Learn More

Ronix One ATR Carbon Wakeboard 2015

Regular Price: $499.99

Special Price: $329.99

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A rider can get an explosive lift from a board that has a lot of attack angle into the wake, or drive from an aggressive rockerline, others have more top water speed, or livelier ingredients in the core. Only ONE has all of these. Learn More

Ronix Bandwagon Air core 2 Wakeboard 2015

Regular Price: $599.99

Special Price: $399.99

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Their best kept secret for sending it deep into the flats is the Ronix Bandwagon Air Core 2 Wakeboard. This camber loaded Air Core 2 Foam deck is incredibly lightweight with great feel but is enlarged with minimum water contact. Why? Because now this board allows you to ride in a more anatomically comfortable position and allows you to load up off the wake with both legs giving you a more centered feel in the air. If you haven't ridden camber before, this board changes wakeboarding for you. Also packing in Krypto Cable and Monocoque laminates, the Ronix Bandwagon Air Core 2 Wakeboard is a tank of a deck. Learn More

Liquid Force Watson 2015

Regular Price: $349.99

Special Price: $249.99

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Liquid Force Watson 2015 Learn More

Ronix 2016 Code 21 Modello Core

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Code 21 Board// A freeride turning aquatic device, mixed with our most explosive 3 stage snap. The Code 21 has a slightly more aggressive kick to its 3-stage colleague, the One board. Created for the rider looking for mellow smooth arcing turns and a supercharged boot off the wake. Now you don’t have to ride behind a big wake to get the hang time you are looking for. The modello core is a stripped down version of the more advanced cores. For riders looking for a high end board at an affordable price.

Learn More

Hyperlite 2014 Marek Nova Wakeboard (145)

Regular Price: $659.99

Special Price: $499.99

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Hyperlite Marek Nova Wakeboard 2014

The Marek Nova by Rusty Malinoski features one of the most advanced constructions on the market. It's fully machined Nova Core is lighter and snappier than any other option in the Hyperlite line. The overall volume of the board, now reduced by 15%, makes the Marek lighter than the original generation. Maintaining a responsive edge and speed into the wake was key in the design. The Abrupt Continuous rocker line produces great pop off the wake while allowing the board to maintain the quick feel it has been famous for. The next generation Marek features slightly mellower base features resulting in a quicker release off the wake, allowing a rider to initiate a trick sooner. The Marek Nova is everything you have come to love about Rusty's shapes in a leaner more responsive package.

Fins: 4 - 1.0" P-WING

Shaped By: AARON

Construction features:

- Fully Machined Nova Core
- Carbon Torsion zones
- Strata Mounting System
- Enduro Base
- Abrupt Continuous Rocker
- Molded Landing Feature
- Two Stage Channel
- 9 degree Angled Fins
- Monocoque Construction
- Layered Glass Learn More

Liquid Force Melissa 2015

Regular Price: $479.99

Special Price: $379.95

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Liquid Force Melissa 2015 Learn More

Byerly 2016 Agenda Wakeboard

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The new Agenda was created from the ARI, incorporating the features that made it a top seller. The lighter overall construction makes it the perfect fit for a first time slasher or advanced shredder. Learn More

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