Wakeboarding technology is better than ever and the major companies involved are pushing the limits year-after-year so that we can pop higher off the wake, ride rails, and cruise the cable park. ActiveWake.com carries all the wakeboarding gear you need to get out on the water and have fun. Shop the latest wakeboarding gear from Ronix, Liquid Force, Slingshot, and Hyperlite.

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Ronix 2016 Quarter 'Til Midnight

Regular Price: $439.99

Special Price: $351.99

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Touch the sky or ride the rail with our best selling wake/park crossover women’s boards. Want a smooth, fast glide on the water and a predictable snap off the wake? The always consistent take off of the Quarter ‘til Midnight, with a longer flight in the air, and added pressure points on rails has made it popular with first time shredders all the way up to our pro team. It’s time to see how far wakeboards have evolved with this new shape featuring speedwalls.

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Ronix 2017 Space Blanket- New I-Beam Construction

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A next generation line of camber boards with one goal – increased glide speed. The Space Blanket has over 30% less resistance with the water and added top water momentum than its predecessor – The Bandwagon – proving that there is nothing slow about camber. For the rider that wants all of the benefits of that unique neutrally balanced camber riding style and the stability of a big board that rides small, without compromising speed and resistance with the water. Comes standard with Aircore 2.0 – the lightest core we have ever created for the rider that wants holeshot response out of a turn, and the least amount of swing weight in the air. New for this year, we added I-Beam Construction to combine our lightest core with one that has even more hang time off the wake.
•G&R Channels
•4 Alloy 1.0” Ramp Fins & .8” Fiberglass Free Agent Fins
•Erik Ruck & Shota Tezuka Pro Model Learn More

2015 Slingshot Recoil Wakeboard

Regular Price: $369.00

Special Price: $269.95

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The 2015 Slingshot Recoil is perfect behind your boat with its 3-stage rocker and will hold up with its reinforced mounting system. With medium flex and the rocker give you a big load up on the wake. The recoil will create nice landings even at the top of the wake. Learn More

Slingshot 2017 Windsor Wakeboard

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• Excellent all-around park board
• Great pop for air tricks
• Added traction for hard-edging riders
• Stiffer belly makes kicker landings easier
• Lock into presses like never before with new Flex Tip Technology

2017 Windsor: The Windsor board has a whole new feel in 2017, thanks to the addition of our new tapered Flex Tip Technology. For years, James has been asking for a park board that is stiff in the center with a significantly softer tip and tail. The stiff center helps maintain pop off the water, as well as speed through big kicker landings. The soft tips allow the rider to lock into presses with very little resistance from the stiffness of the board. After a few seasons of perfecting this new design, we have delivered James’ dream board. Once you press on a Slingshot Flex Tip board, you’ll never feel the same about your old setup. Learn More

Byerly 2015 AR-1

Regular Price: $489.99

Special Price: $279.95

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The AR-1 is the perfect choice if you are looking for a super responsive boat with explosive pop.
Continuous Rocker
Aero Core Construction
Cross Link Construction
Full Perimeter Energy Ring Sidewall
Biolite 3 Core
Reinforced, Elevated Footbed Area
Subtle Center Landing Feature
Layered Bi-Ax Glass
High Gloss UV Clear Finish
Strata Track Mounting System Learn More

Ronix 2017 One ATR Wakeboard

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ONE – A.T.R.
Designed off of the same shape as the One Timebomb featuring the most iconic 3-stage lift, and a profile with the least amount of resistance with the water. A new less expensive construction for the rider that wants the combination of the hole shot response of last year’s carbon version, and the smoothness of a ATR “S”. All the while assembled in our most durable shell. Danny Harf’s latest best selling freeride inspired shape.
• 3-Stage Rocker
• Speedwalls
• Deeper Side Vents
• 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & .8” Fiberglass Free Agent Fins
• Danny Harf Pro Model Learn More

Ronix Code 21 Modello Wakeboard 2015

Regular Price: $419.99

Special Price: $279.99

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The 2015 Ronix Code 21 Modello wakeboard is a new freeride turning aquatic device. The explosive 3 stage rocker gives you huge hangtime even off smaller wake and is more aggressive than the William Board. If former WWA World Champion Dean Smith rides it than it must be something special. The Code 21 is a similar ride to the code 22, with a stripped core it provides a more affordable value. Learn More

Slingshot 2017 Pearl Wakeboard

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• Fast, fun, free-feeling ride
• Designed for hard-charging female riders
• The best carving board in our line
• Medium flex gives great pop off the wake
• All-around design excels in all conditions

2017 Pearl: The Pearl is a female-specific board with a classic user-friendly shape that provides unmatched maneuverability and speed. The Pearl’s features a continuous rocker, smooth tapered outline and elliptical concave. The result is a quick and snappy board that carves like crazy and performs exceptionally well both in park and behind the boat. If you’re a rider who charges all conditions and wants a board that won’t hold you back, the Pearl is a perfect fit. Learn More

Hyperlite 2016 Relapse Wakeboard

Regular Price: $379.95

Special Price: $303.96

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JD has upped his game and his riding speaks for itself, but we know it's the Relapse that has him so excited. JD Webb has been crushing it this season and one of the factors has to be his new Pro Model Wakeboard, the Relapse! Over the years JD and Butch have worked closely to create the best wake riding machine and this is hands down the greatest shape these two have produced Learn More

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