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Radar Strada Padded Ski Bag

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The Radar Strada Ski Bag is a padded slalom bag with a top zip design and an oversized boot zone for additional storage. Learn More

Radar 2015 Graphite Senate

Regular Price: $649.99

Special Price: $549.99

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Carbon fiber rebounds 8X faster than fiberglass. This reduction in reaction time gives you an immediate power boost during hole shot at the finish of the turn. Simply put, you're running on race fuel. With all this extra firepower, the Senate Graphite is equally at home in and out of the course. Learn More

Radar Bliss Glove (2016)

Regular Price: $49.99

Special Price: $44.99

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Ladie's rejoice! The bliss is built with a specific pattern for a woman's hand size and shape. The conforming double-layered Amara palm material will save blisters and the back-of-hand closure opens wide for effortless entry. Plus, you'll look good doing it. Cut the fingertips off and let your digits breathe. Just ski in 'em. You'll be happy you do. Learn More

Radar 2016 Katana

Regular Price: $329.99

Special Price: $269.99

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If you loved the Theory you’ll really dig on the Katana. With a similar surface area quotient, the turning characteristics have been improved with reductions in line tension and drag. The Katana is an aggressive free riders dream.

Bent Vee Tech

Many of you reading this brochure are thinking “but I don’t turn buoys when I ski”, and that’s OK with us! In fact the vast majority of skiers in the world will never turn a buoy while dancing their water jig. The Bent Vee series of slalom skis was created to take you anywhere any time at any ability level. It’s the easiest, smoothest ski we’ve created with the least amount of drag you could ever imagine. Now don’t get us wrong. We take pride in the hi-performance level of every ski in our line, regardless of intended purpose! The fundamental aspects such as bevel and rocker line are that of a Vapor. So you ski assured, knowing you’re riding a high performance rip stick.


Surface area was added behind your feet for lift on deep-water starts and stability when riding straight ahead. The widest point in the tip is much further forward than a conventional slalom ski, giving the feeling of a longer wheelbase. Imagine a ’73 convertible Fleetwood rolling down the highway. It doesn’t get any more stable. When the ski is turned on edge, it creates an automatic turn based on the inside radius sidecut. The ski just pivots right through both on and off side turns without effort.


Every ski design actually has 2 rocker lines. The first one is down the center of the concave, which, in Bent Vee, is identical to the Vapor. The second rocker line is on the bevels (the part that touches a table), and we’ve made it flat and stable for consistent water flow in any conditions. By altering the sidewall thickness we can create a second “bevel rocker” suitable for the intended purpose which levels the attitude of the ski in the water. In this case, we made a free skier’s perfect rocker.

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Radar 2016 Prime Front Feather Frame

Regular Price: $124.99

Special Price: $109.99

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The Prime was designed with a lower cuff height and softer tongue for ease of entry and greater mobility. Being a member of the FeatherFrame family, it offers greater performance than any other entry-level boot and is darn sure more comfortable. The only thing it’s missing is a hefty price tag.

Waterski Binding Features
Feather Frame Chassis - Fully Intergrated - Original baseless
Lower cuff height for the perfect amount of comfort and control
Symmetrical footed with a well-defined heel cup and arch
Double lacing system for a dialed fit
Soft density footbed keeps your feet happy all day
PVC Free construction Learn More

Radar 2016 Alloy Senate

Regular Price: $499.99

Special Price: $399.99

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Senate Technology

Senates have a flowing design. The end of the flat spot connects to a single rocker radius, determining tip height and defining tip rocker. This smooth transition continuously rises out of the concave until it feathers out to the flat surface in the tip. In a turn approach, as the water break moves forward on the ski, a graduating amount of support meets your forward movement. The depth of concave (suction) infinitely fades into the flat surface of the tip (support), creating a ride that is unhindered by tip bite or erratic speed breaks. This geometry also allows for smooth water flow entering the concave for a consistent ride. A perfect amount of tip height was met to help with rough water conditions and easy wake crossings.

Alloy Senate

Water skiing’s main staple for the past 6 years. At its core, the Senate was designed to replace any ski on the water. Its versatility is unmatched. No ski is easier to jump on and ride than a Senate.

Learn More

Radar Ergo A Gloves (2016)

Regular Price: $59.99

Special Price: $56.99

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Sewn from the same legendary fitting pattern as the Ergo-K, The Radar Ergo-A Water Ski Glove is merely a materials exchange. The palm sewing is triple stitched for a flatter grippier palm. The style is up to you with convertible fingertips.

Amara Palm
Double Gauge Thread
Neoprene Stretch Zone
Double Layered Palm
Pre-Curved Design
Cut between sew lines to make fingerless Learn More

Radar Vapor Boa Glove (2016)

Regular Price: $89.99

Special Price: $76.95

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Get on the Vapor Boa train. If you’re serious about skiing, you’ll do it.
• BOA Lacing Technology
• Inside-Out Construction
• Double Gauge Thread
• Aramid Palm
• Neoprene Stretch Zone
• Pre-curved design
• Double Layered Palm
• Available in: S/ M/ L/ XL/ XX Learn More

Radar 2016 Adjustable Rear Toe Plate

Regular Price: $69.99

Special Price: $59.99

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Built to fit any size foot, not only is this design Radar's most Adjustable Rear Toe ever made, it also offers the perfect blend of freedom, comfort, support and high-end performance. Top side laces give you “set it and forget it” ease of use.

Water Ski Binding Features
One size fits all
Most Adjustable Rear Toe
Independent floating tongue design.
Lace closure offers the perfect custom fit
Contoured footed delivers both traction and support. Learn More

Radar 2016 Lithium Vapor

Regular Price: $1,499.99

Special Price: $1,199.99

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WHAT YOU’LL FEEL: From the time you initially pull away from the wakes, the new Vapor is smoother and more predictable. The back half of the Vapor was already the best in the business at direction off the second wake, thus creating space in the course. The New Vapor matches that quality with a ski that will turn from any body position using a larger more forgiving platform. It’s the most efficient and easy-to-ride ski we’ve ever designed. The new Vapor is easier on the body and easier to ride than anything you have ever ridden before. Learn More

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