This is Molly – One of our newest employees here at the shop. Her water sport of choice is wakesurfing behind the Malibu 23 LSV. Her staff pick this year is the Follow S.P.R Ladies Jacket when she is out on the water. She likes a vest with minimal material and not a super flashy/sparkly look like some of the ladies vests out there.

Follow is all about minimizing manufacturing footprint with no expense or performance spared in their products.

PVC Free Foam
The highest quality PVC Free Foam available. PVC plastic is uniquely toxic among plastics because of its highly toxic ingredients which readily migrate into the environment during its production, use and its disposal.

Stretchy Neoprene
Our regular stretch neoprene taken to the next level. This stuff is seriously soft, seriously stretchy and really comfortable. Feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, without compromising durability.