This is Dino – Our very own wakesurfing expert here at our shop! He has been wakesurfing / competing since he was 12 years old and recently started riding for Volume Surf. Dino has worked diligently with the owner – A industry veteran board shaper- Chris Des Georges in testing and refining the shapes over the course of 2018. Dino has surfed on a fair share of board brands in his time with the sport and has developed a great sense of what a good quality surf should be like. Here is what he has to say about the new Volume Surf Boards

“I like Volume because they are all hand made locally by someone who is passionate about the boards and they are built with good quality American made materials and ride how you would expect. I have really enjoyed working alongside Chris is perfecting these shapes. Volume boards are unlike any boards in the industry. I am excited for the volume custom program where anyone can get a one of a kind board made for yourself. 2019 is going to be an exciting year for Volume.”

Six different shapes that offer a new experience & expand your surfing to new heights no matter your skill level or wake size.



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