The 2016 Slingshot Oli will be available very soon for pre-order. Check out the product description below for more details.

The Oli Pro Model has been a fan favorite since day one and in its third model year we are excited to add a 144 cm option to the lineup so the big dogs can get in on the action too. Oli’s board features subtle hourglass shaped Naca Tech channels in the tip and tail and chined rails to create big acceleration into the wake. While these features have massive benefits on edge, they are subtle enough that the board transforms perfectly into a rail park favorite.

The medium flex pattern of the Oli means it’s a perfect crossover option for boat and cable, allowing for great presses in the park and plenty of pop and cushion for takeoffs and landings behind the boat. Just like the man who it’s built for, this board packs a lot of punch.

New for all 2016 Slingshot wakeboards is a revamped version of our industry-first Fast Track Mounting System. The G10 Fortified Fast Track is inlaid deeper into the board than our previous system and is locked in place by a thick layer of G10 – an insanely strong glass/epoxy composite. The result is a significantly stronger and more resilient Fast Tack system built to withstand the ever-rising demands of the world’s most progressive riders.

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