2020’s Top Holiday Gift Ideas

If you have a boater on your holiday shopping list but aren’t sure what to get them, you’ve come to the right place! Every year the product experts here at Active Water Sports work diligently to create the most extensive Holiday Gift Guide in the water sports industry. After extensive product research and testing, we have selected a handful of products to be featured in our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.

No matter your budget, we got some great gift ideas for the boater on your list this year. Keep scrolling to check out our team’s top picks!

AWS Apparel!

Everybody always likes to rep the local pro shop. We got a bunch of fresh, new styles so choose from one of our 20+ hats and tees.

Starting at $15.00

Mission Sentry Boat Fenders

An innovative boat bumper solution that quickly attaches to boat cleats and docks. Unlike traditional bumpers, they are designed to fit the shape and contours of modern wake boats, protecting both and below the rub rail. With a built-in adjustable strap system, you can easily attach Sentry to your boat or dock in seconds, lock it in place, and get back to enjoying your time on the water. Available in four colors.


Ronix PU Syn. Bungee Surf Rope

Ronix PU Syn. Bungee Surf Rope

An ultra high-end surf rope for under $100! The Ronix PU Surf Rope features a 1.15″ diameter handle with a PU synthetic leather wrap cover. The 25′ rope includes four sections, including a 2′ bungee section that helps you get into the pocket and surfing faster.


Bucket of BABE’s Boat Care Kit

Every boat owner loves when their boat is nice and clean. This Boat Care Kit includes a bucket full of specially formulated detailing products to keep their boat looking extra shiny. Includes a 16 oz. bottle of BABE’s six top selling products, an additional gallon of BABE’s Boat Bright and a 4-pack of their Extreme Performance Microfiber Towels.


Liquid Force Towel Changers

Is it a poncho or a towel? It is both! Designed to make the wetsuit change easier and keep you warm before/after getting in the water, these hooded towel changes are a must-have accessory for the boat. Even includes a pouch pocket to keep your hands toasty. Available in four different styles.


Revolution Balance Boards

A balance board is a great tool for improving your balance (no kidding), board control and style! The Core 32 allows for more tricks and more progression than any other balance board on the market, period. The only limit is your imagination. When you can’t make it out and ride your board of choice, the Core 32 Balance Board will always be there for the challenge.


Joy Stick Surf Rope 2.0

The Joy Stick is a cool, new surf rope that features an adjustable bungee that allows you to stay in a surf ready position when you drop the rope. Simply pull on it to get full tension, lift up towards the sky and let go of it so that the rope goes right back into the boat. Too easy! Features a tug of war grip that fits greatly in your hand.


Ronix Bimini Top Board Bag

Create room on the boat for your full quiver of wakesurf boards. The Ronix Bimini Top Board Bag makes use of the space on top of your bimini. Uses six adjustable webbing straps to securely strap it to any bimini frame. Can fit up to four boards and even includes four individual fin/stash pockets. The Ronix Bimini Top Board Bag can also be folded up and double as a padded board bag to transport boards to and from the water.


Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Wake Pro Shaper 2

Give the gift of a better surf wave this holiday season. The Wakesurf Edge Wake Pro Shaper 2 helps deliver maximum wave size and more “push” for a better wakesurfing experience behind older inboard boats. Attaches to the side of the boat using super strong 4.5″ suction cups that won’t damage gel coat or leave markings on your boat.


Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board

The Hyperlite Shim, Brian Grubb’s signature wakesurf board, is designed to do both skim and surf style well – delivering the best of both worlds. Ideal for any quiver! Built with Hyperlite’s DuraShell Technology, it features the durability of a compression molded board while keeping the same performance characteristics of other boards 2x its price.

Available Sizes: 4’7″ and 5’3″


O’Neill Boost Drysuit

Give the gift of an extended riding season. The O’Neill Boost Drysuit makes it possible to ride year round here in the Pacific Northwest. 100% waterproof and its loose fit allows for layering underneath. The unanimous drysuit of choice for all water sports athletes.

Available Sizes: XS-XL

Price: $459.95

Ronix Parks Wakeboard Package

The G.O.A.T. of wakeboard has a new signature wakeboard for 2021. This continuous rocker shape features borrowed technology from the golf industry, with dimples throughout the entire base to reduce water friction and drag. A new ride with the same fast free cutbacks, it is the most forgiving ride in Ronix’s line. Combined with Ronix’s most affordable closed-toe boot, the Parks Package is all yours for under $600!

Available sizes: 134 cm, 144 cm and 149 cm


Skylon SkyLock Rack

Upgrade the board storage in your boat with the new Skylon SkyLock Rack. A direct replacement for Malibu and Axis OEM swivels back to 2009, replacing the stock forks with Skylon’s patent pending TruLock Technology. Three points of contact ensure your boards are totally secure and don’t bounce or slip around. Designed to fit and safely store ALL sizes of wakesure boards while also eliminating any chance of pressure dings or rail damage. Two standout features on this rack are the vest holders ability to use a Master Lock to securely lock the boards into the rack while you are away from the boat.

$1,375/each2021 Ronix Volcom Sea Captain Wakesurf Board

Ronix x Volcom Sea Captain Wakesurf Board

Perhaps no brand has had more influence over action sports in the past three decades than Volcom. New for 2021, Ronix announced a partnership with the iconic brand and the debut of two new boards, the M50 and the Sea Captain.

The Ronix x Volcom Sea Captain is a hard charging thruster with a shiny Volcom paint job. This board has a narrower outline allowing it to sit deeper in the water. The result is a strong edge that will lock into a turn like few other boards can. Designed for the rider that wants a strong, powerful cutback, but also to feel more connected to the water.

Available Sizes: 4’4″ and 4’10”


Liquid Force Primo LTD w/ Straps

Whether you’ve been surfing for years or just learning, the Liquid Force Primo LTD is an absolute blast to ride! This board comes with removable foot straps so you can stay attached to your board for a whole new level of riding. Ollies, grabs, spins, even flips can now be a part of your next surf session. If you are just learning to surf, the straps allow the board to stay attached to your feet for easier deep water starts. Tons of fun for all ability levels!

Available Sizes: 4’0″, 4’5″, and 4’10”


Liquid Force Quest Wakesurf Board

A new shape for 2021, the Quest is a high-end competitive style surf shape that will take your riding to the next level. Made with Liquid Force’s light weight EPS core, think AeroCore, and carbon innegra laminate, this board is extremely strong and feather light. The pear shaped outline with single concave hull makes this board fast and has great hold in turns, yet releases off the wake easy for big airs.

Available Sizes: 4’3″, 4’7″, and 4’11”


Slingshot Hover Glide Foil V3 Package

The ultimate package for learning to foil behind the boat. Designed by Slingshot – the #1 producer of hydrofoils worldwide, it features their soft top WF-2 board and FWake Hydrofoil equipped with a Gamma 68cm front wing and 61cm mast. A front half strap is also included for making deepwater starts simple and easy. Learn to foil in a matter of a few short sessions and experience what all the hype is about.


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Everyone always loves a gift certificate! Simply choose the $ amount and let them do the shopping. 100% satisfaction guaranteed every time. Stop by any of our three locations to pick up a gift card.

Need Help on Gift Ideas?

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No matter your budget, we got the perfect gift to help you have more fun on the water next summer.

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