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2021 Going to Be LF’N Awesome!

This is a very exciting time of the year as the industry’s top brands release their newest collections and all the gear starts showing up at the shop. Liquid Force is the latest brand to release their 2021 products and it look’s LF’n Awesome! #LFTwenty1

Founded in 1995 by industry legends Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon, this SoCal brand has a rich history that can be found all the way back to when wakeboarding was first invented. In fact, Active Water Sports owner Warren Freece has been doing business with them starting with the Skurfer way back in the early 90’s. Liquid Force continues to be a pioneer in the sport now 25 years later.


The video above shows off the entire team of riders enjoying all the new 2021 gear. A must-watch edit that highlights their insanely talented team and offers a first look at all the new boards this year. While there is lots of good stuff in the 2021 Liquid Force collection, we have to highlight a few of our favorites.

Continue reading to find out which three wakesurf boards made Active Water Sport’s list of top picks:

Quest Wakesurf Board

A new addition to the surf lineup this year, the Quest is Liquid Force’s most advanced competitive surf style shape. Made with their lightest weight EPS core and a carbon innegra laminate, this board is really light and extremely strong. Its pear shaped outline with squared off tips and tails gives the board good hold in turns while allowing the surfer to release it in the air and spin freely. The single concave hull makes it a clean, fast ride on the water. Crisp rails around the entire board allows the Quest to catch and dig into the wave when finishing aerial maneuvers. It also features a forward placement of the twin fin configuration to help unlock the board for 360’s, shuvits, and other spins.

Available sizes: 4’3″ 4’7″ and 4’11”

$949.99 Shop Now

Bonzer Bat Wakesurf Board
The Bonzer Bat made its debut last year but has cemented itself among our list of top picks. The Bonzer shape is a timeless surfboard design, emerging during the early 70’s and still catching waves today. The double concave venturi hull works in conjunction with the angled stubby fins to accelerate the water flow as it exits the board’s tail, giving the surfer maximum propulsion and speed. With a pointed nose tip shape and higher nose rocker line, the Bonzer Bat is catch free during powerful turns. Liquid Force Co-Founder Jimmy Redmon calls it a “super quick and lively surf style shape”.

Available sizes: 4’2″ 4’6″ and 5’0″

$839.99 Shop Now

Sting Wakesurf Board

Another addition to the lineup this year, the Sting is Liquid Force’s new funboard surf style shape that everyone on the boat can enjoy. The “Sting Wing” features a large break in the outline far up on the tail to create a unique pivot point right at the location of the side fins. This pivot point is further enhanced by a concave slot running underneath the wing to add lift and free up the rail, allowing it to turn with ease while not losing any speed. The rail of the board goes from soft and catch free in the nose to crisp and sharp in the tail, making it a mellow ride for beginners while still offering more experienced surfers a fun, aggressive ride. A three fin setup gives the board bite and hold when needed and when combined with the Sting Wing, it has a precise pivot point for carving turns as tight as you want.

Available sizes: 4’4″ 4’8″ and 5’0″

$759.99 Shop Now

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To check out all of Liquid Force’s new 2021 boards, head to www.activewake.com or stop by the shop!

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