How to Launch Your Axis Boat

Axis’ newest video series, Boat Like A Pro, is their boating guide to teach you all the boating basics so you can have the ultimate day on the water. Whether you just bought your first Axis or are a veteran boater, these videos are a great way to brush up on the fundamentals. Part 2 offers some tips and tricks to make you a champ at the boat ramp! Watch Axis team rider Guenther Oka shows you how to launch your Axis boat like a pro.

Prep Like A Pro

Showing up like a boss at the ramp is all about preparation. Go to the staging area before hitting the ramp and take care of all your prep. This includes putting in the drain plugs, removing transom straps and turning on the batteries. If you really want to impress, put your bow and stern lines as well as fenders on their cleats and have them ready to go for your crew when you launch.

Back It Up, Back It In

Solo launching can be difficult at first, so it’s best to have a driver at the helm ready to go. When you’re backing in, remember that everything turns in reverse with a trailer so use your mirrors and go slow. If you get stuck, you can always put your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel and turn it whichever way you want the trailer to turn. Note the water level on the trailer so you know how far to pull in when you’re going to load the boat back up on the trailer.

Unhook It

When the boat is floating, set the emergency brake and put your vehicle in park, then unhook the safety chain connecting the boat to the trailer. Reverse the winch selector switch and with a tight grip on the winch handle, let out enough slack to unhook the winch strap from the bow eye. From here, signal the driver to start the engine, reverse off the trailer and dock or beach (if the shore is sandy).

Parking The Truck And Trailer

Keep your foot on the brake until you’re ready to release the parking brake, then put the vehicle in drive and release the brake while applying light pressure to the accelerator. Just about any vehicle can spin its tires on any ramp if you goose it hard enough, so take it light and slow to keep traction. When parking, make sure you leave plenty of room for your exit strategy and go join your crew for a great day on the water!

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