2022 Axis Dash

Touch Screens, Wireless Charging and Much More on New 2022 Axis Models

We’ve been waiting to show you all this… the all-new Axis dash! Every 2022 MY Axis boat will come standard with a Garmin 7″ touch screen. But that’s not everything, there are a ton of other awesome upgrades they’ve made while completely redesigning the dash.

Continue reading to learn about the new standard dash and optional upgrades available on all 2022 MY Axis boats.


7” Garmin Touch Screen

The biggest upgrade is that Axis has upgraded to a digital touch screen! Working exclusively with Garmin, they develop an interactive and easy to use touch screen that will be standard on all 2022 MY boats. Users will be able to fill/drain ballast, move the Power Wedge III position, adjust cruise control and much more!

2022 Axis 7" Garmin Digital Touch Dispaly

Optional Sport Dash

An option offered on Malibu boats for many years and now available on the 2022 Axis models. Sport Dash is a 12 button keypad that offers added convenience getting to many of the adjustable settings found within the 7″ touch screen. While driving the boat and towing a rider, the sport dash push on/off buttons are far more convenient and easy to get to than the touch screen. Users will be able to fill/drain ballast, adjust cruise control, move the Power Wedge III position, control music volume and more!

If you elect to get the optional Sport Dash, you will get color matched soft grip in the dash that will match the flooring.

If you elect not to get the optional Sport Dash, you will get a blank panel with a black soft grip accent.

2022 Axis Sport Dash

New Steering Wheel and Matching Throttle

Standard on all Axis boats this year, this improved ergonomic design adds to the look and feel of the new Axis dash. The edgy design looks really good and is something that we think customers will love!

2022 Axis Dash

Upgraded Phone Holder and Wireless Charging

That flimsy little phone holder is long gone. Axis has upgraded the look of the dash in a big way with the redesigned phone holder that will be standard on all 2022 Axis models. The base option is a flat plate with protective soft grip.

If you elect to get the optional Premium Sport Dash, it comes with an upgraded phone holder that features wireless charging capability and will have soft grip that matches the flooring in your boat. The upgraded phone holder has a channel that allows you to fit a phone in with a PopSocket and still charge.

2022 Axis Phone Holder

Experience the All-New 2022 Axis Models

If you like what you see and want to experience what the new 2022 Axis models offer, contact one of our Malibu / Axis Brand Specialists to schedule an on-water demo or build up your dream boat.

Contact Chad Wiley (360) 334-0949 | chad@activeh2o.com or Jonathan Ross (503) 689-5639 | jon@activewatersports.com

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