You’ve worked hard your whole life, enduring countless hours of studies and/or time on the job. On the weekend you enjoy spending time with friends: camping, hiking, or just enjoying a good ole back yard BBQ. Once the work week hits you’re back to the grind. You work hard every day because you are someone who is goal oriented and driven to succeed. One day, you learn you are going to be having a child. Your career focus has now shifted from work to family. With this transition in life you find that your passion for fun and adventure is still there and you want to share that feeling with your loved ones. The kids aren’t getting any younger and you don’t want to miss out on a single minute with them.

Now picture this: You decide to invest some of that hard earned income on something that will last you a lifetime, memories. And what better way to create family memories together than trapping yourself on a boat with your friends and family. Some of you already know the feeling. For those of you that don’t, there is nothing quite like those summer nights spent on the lake: learning a sport, finding new adventures, or just floating until the sun is so far gone you have to engage the interior lights as you crank up the music.

As the summer of 2018 come to a close, we are already looking forward to the 2019 season. If a family boat is missing from your life, AWS is the one stop shop for all of your boat and accessories needs. From new boats to used, wakeboards to slalom skis, we’ve got what you need. With over 36 years in the water sports industry and a sales team to back it we live by our company quote: “We Take Your Fun Seriously!”

But don’t take our word for it, meet Vince Castronovo. Vince is a longtime boater, customer, and friend who recently got the chance to experience everything that AWS has to offer.


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