A Quick, Easy Boat Prep Checklist

Putting your boat away for winter is one of the saddest days of the year, but making sure it’s put away right will guarantee that it’s ready to go when spring gets here. In this video Chantel goes over the steps you need to take before putting your boat in storage for the offseason. Give it a watch!


Make sure everything is clean and dry

The most important thing is to make sure that everything is clean and dry. Pull out any boards, towels, etc. so you have full access to everywhere in the boat. Wipe it all down and make sure the boat’s interior has a chance to fully dry before putting any gear back in it.

Open Up Seat Cushions

Lift up any seat cushions and leave them open. If they can be pulled out completely, store them somewhere in the garage or leave them in the boat but make sure to set them up sideways so that no moisture just sits underneath them.

Pull Out Carpet

If your boat has snap-out carpet, pull it out as there might be some moisture underneath it. Hang up the carpet and let it dry it out. You can roll up the carpet and store it somewhere in the garage or put it back in the boat, just make sure it is completely dry.

Empty Ballast Bags

If you can remove or disconnect them, take the ballast bags out of the boat and drain any residual water still inside them. If you can store the ballast bags somewhere outside of your boat, great! If not, you can put them back in the storage compartments once they are fully dry.

Pull Drain Plugs

Make sure all of your drain plugs are out so that any water in the bilge of the boat can drain out. If you are storing the boat outside, leave the plugs out. If it is going to be stored inside, you can put them back in when it’s dry.

Make Sure It Is Dry, Dry, Dry! 

Okay you probably get the point after Chantel used the word dry about a thousand times in her video. If you don’t dry out the boat completely, you will open it up in the spring to find an unpleasant surprise. Taking a few minutes to prep the boat for offseason storage will help avoid any odors, mold, etc.

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