How To Tie Up to a Dock

Chantel’s ‘Boating 101‘ series is designed to help new boaters navigate some of the things that may be scary or not intuitive when you first get started. She previously covered how to pull your boat up to a dock, but what do you do once you’re there? In this video Chantel will show you how to safely and easily tie your boat up to a dock to make sure it doesn’t float away, or get damaged while it’s on the dock.

Get Prepared Before the Dock

Pull your bumpers out and get everything set up before you begin to pull up to the dock. Make sure to watch out for your boards on the tower racks if there are any posts or pilings where you are pulling up. If your tower racks have swivel functionality, swivel them inside the boat just to be safe.

Approach the Dock and Tie Up

This next step will vary based on the dock you are at and the best way to tie up your boat. If you are leaving your boat for a longer period of time, Chantel recommends that you use a bungee dock line for a more secure connection.

If you tie up to the dock with regular lines that don’t have any give, make sure to give yourself a little bit of slack. If you tie the boat way too tight to the dock, a wave can come and potentially rip the cleat our leave stress cracks in the gel coat.

Make sure to watch the full video to hear all of Chantel’s quick tricks & tips to tie your boat up to the dock.


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