Chantel back at it again with some helpful boating tips! In this video she is going over 3 easy ways to pull a boat up to a dock. Docking your brand new boat can be pretty intimidating especially when the water is super busy , you got people waiting for you or distractions all around. She goes over three instances or examples of how to pull up to the dock-

#1 – NOSE IN – When you are picking up or dropping off a single person and are just wanting to go in and out, nosing in is a really convenient way. With this technique you will want to slowly ease your way perpendicular to the dock close enough to allow the passenger to step into the bow safely and slowly back away once the passenger is stable inside the boat. Getting close enough to the dock but not fully touching the is key. Chantel shows you how you can go in and out of gear and find the perfect control when approaching.

#2 – SIDE IN – This method is more about timing. You will approach the dock the same as nosing in but as you get about 10-15ft away from the dock you will turn the wheel all the way to the left and then go into neutral and you will drift naturally into the dock at a slow speed- reversing as needed. This will give you enough time and space to grab ahold of the dock or someone to grab ahold of the boat to get it stable alongside the dock. Every boat is a bit different so you will want to practice this one a few times. Once you want to go back out you will push the bow out first and drive out slowly. This is a great method if you are needing to spend a longer amount of time at the dock.

#3 – BACK IN – With this you will want to drive horizontal toward the dock and then as you get closer you will do a circle away from the dock so that the rear of the boat meets the dock making this easy for people to hop on and off. You will do a little bit of reversing once the back of the boat is facing the dock. You are now positioned perfectly to drive away from the dock.

Each method is different and all depends on what works for you at the time.

“At the end of the day the most important thing is that you are coming up the dock slowly, deliberately and safely” – Chantel

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