Catching Up With Trever Maur

Trever Maur Talks Newborn Son, New Video Projects and Summer Plans


‘Catching Up’ is a new series that will feature exclusive interviews with some of the the industry’s most talented riders and top influencers. For the first interview, we chose none other Active Water Sports team rider Trever Maur. The professional wakeboarder and videographer has had a big year so far, releasing a couple video projects and welcoming his newborn son to the world.

Taking a short break from dad duty, Trever hopped on Facetime and gave us the lowdown on what he’s been up to lately. Continue reading to learn more about his new baby boy, revised summer plans due to COVID, and more. Enjoy!

Note: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

First off, congrats to you and Ally on the birth of your son, Slater, a few weeks ago. Describe life as a father so far.

Dude, it’s been sick. He came three and a half weeks early, so we got a little caught off guard. We weren’t really ready. Just 2:30 in the morning, boom, we had to go to the hospital. And then we were actually at the hospital, and we didn’t even know we were in labor yet for a while. And then, pretty much at 6:00 in the morning, they’re like, “Oh, by the way, you’re having a baby.” So we were like, “Okay, cool, this is going down.” And then the baby had a couple little complications because he was so preemie, and then a little bit later, Ally had a couple of complications. So we spent six days in the hospital, and because of the coronavirus, we weren’t allowed to leave our bedroom for six days. So we couldn’t walk the halls or anything. So that was pretty interesting, pretty crazy.

But yeah, everybody was super hospitable there, so it made time fly by and it was pretty rad, definitely different. I don’t know, it was a special time, no one could come and visit us, so we actually got to bond with our kid for six days. So yeah, that was super cool. And then pretty much once we got home, my family was just chilling at the house, my parents and her parents, everybody. So yeah, it’s been a long two weeks of just family and fun and getting to know our little baby, Slater.

How are you handling quarantine? What does a professional wakeboarder do when they’re stuck at the house 24/7?

Yeah. Oh man, it’s difficult because I had so many plans for the summer. I was pretty much going to shoot a full length video and start doing the whole thing and pretty much right when we were about to start it, everything happened. And so budgets got tightened up and we weren’t allowed to go do anything or pretty much ask for any help. I’m not even supposed to be hanging out with Josh or anybody, so filming any of the other guys is a little difficult as well.

I’ve been pretty locked down because of the coronavirus. If I would have gotten sick or whatever, I wouldn’t have been able to be in the hospital with Ally. So yeah, I really wasn’t trying to wakeboard too much, wasn’t really trying to do much at all other than just getting the house ready. They call it “nesting”.  I guess that’s what the girls do. I felt like I was doing it too. Just building closets and doing housework and yard work and trying to get my house ready.

I’d like to say I’ve been doing more wakeboarding oriented stuff, but I don’t know, this time is weird. Just trying to figure it out just as much as everybody else.

What’s the latest on your school bus conversion project? It’s been a bit since we’ve seen any updates on Instgram.

Trever Maur School Bus and Boat

Yeah, we’re actually trying to sell the school bus right now. We want to get a cab over camper for our truck so that we can actually tow the boat. The boat that I got right now, the new F24, weighs a ton and it doesn’t go behind the bus. So… trying to figure out a new solution. I’m either going to sell it and somebody else will be able to enjoy it or I was thinking about moving it farther back into my backyard and turning it into a full-time office.

‘The Phillies’ was just recently released. Tell us about your first trip out to the Phillipines.

Yeah, it was sick man. First time ever going so I talked to Graeme Burress, which is like, if you’re going to go to the Phillies, that’s the guy to go with. But yeah, went with him, Nicolas Leduc, JB O’Neill was out there, and then Dylan Miller and Steffen Vollert were already out there so that was cool.

Pretty much spent two weeks there. It was during the rainy season so there was nobody there. It was pretty wild, we actually had the cable park to ourselves pretty much. But it was raining a lot, so you had to pick and choose when we were out there riding, but yeah, all in all it was sick.

The Plaza, you see it in a bunch of videos and you watch everything go down, but when you actually get to step on the stairs and touch the rails you’re like, “wow, this is sick.” And you think about what some of the guys did there. Raph Derome and his LF’N Awesome video when he did the down-to-down rail, but there’s like a gap in it. That would have been pretty heavy to watch. There’s just some things that have happened out there that to be able to walk around on the campus and check it out, it was cool.

The ‘No Place Like Home’ edit was pretty special in that you and Josh exclusively filmed it at the Delta. What makes it such a great riding spot?

Yeah, first off the edit was super fun to be a part of. It was probably one of the highlights so far of my career because it was one of the first times that I had a filmer so talented like Spencer Norris come out to the house and kind of almost give me a week to just actually ride and not really have to compete for time or anything.

It’s just hard to go away from the Delta at this point just because one, the guys that I’m riding with are the ultimate homies. Everybody uplifts you, nobody really kind of brings you down or anything. So Josh and when Cook was out there, Cook, and Ty Higham and all those, it’s just been a really uplifting place to ride for the West Coast.

If I were to explain the Delta to somebody else that’s never been there, it’s truly the best place I’ve ever been to ride. Just purely the fact that you can go out and literally ride for 45 minutes to an hour and never cross a wake. And it’s hard to explain that to people, but the river, the way that it works, there’s so many channels and so many different places that you can go that on a glassy day, you can literally see a boat coming and then turn right and go down a different slew and see another boat coming and turn left.

And I mean there’s days that you literally ride a sheet of glass without a disturbed wake in front of you and you could do a huge circle all the way back to the house. I mean, it’s a pretty special place in the sense of it’s an ultimate freerider’s dream to not have a timeline when you have to turn around and turn the boat or do anything. You just keep going.

Do you have any upcoming trips still happening or has COVID put everything on pause?

Man, I did. Everything just got shut down. Yeah, man, I don’t have anything now. Everything that I had has been canceled. We were  actually going to start a video in April, a full-length video. Josh and I were going to produce it ourselves.

Our cable park, Velocity Island Park, is reopening for the first time since this whole thing so that’s exciting. I’m going to go out there and ride and do all that stuff and then I’m hoping I’ll start going on the boat a little bit.

Who are your favorite riders to watch right now?

Oh man, Ty Higham, 100% Every single time I open up Instagram I’m like, “Oh gosh, what did Ty just do?” It’s getting ridiculous. It’s so funny man. Yeah, my boy, Josh always. It’s the easiest person to say he’s my favorite rider just because he’s the sickest rider I know.

And then as far as the guys that are just on the social media presence that I’m not riding with all the time, Guenther always impresses me. He just seems to always be trying to find things to do. In quarantine, I saw him building rails and doing all this cool stuff that’s just different. So I thought that was cool.

Quinn Silvernale, every single time I watch him and actually honestly the whole Coalition guys, all of them, all those guys are super fun to watch on the park aspect of things.

Graeme, he’s crazy. Same thing, man. He has been posting some stuff up. I thought everybody was in quarantine and then he just went in quarantined himself at a private cable park and was doing stuff. I was like, “What are you doing, dude? This is crazy.” So yeah, he’s been super fun to watch lately. Yeah, I feel like those are kind of the guys that when I pop up my Instagram, they kind of inspire me to want to get out there right now.

Bonus Question: if you could put together a dream video project, who would the riders be?

I already had a dream film and I couldn’t get budget for it… I literally tried to launch a video two years ago. The cast that I had presented was Josh Twelker, Ty Higham, Massi Piffaretti, Guenther Oka, Graeme Burress and myself. I felt like all those guys really had something unique about them. That’s a dream team crew in my eyes for this day and age of wakeboarding.



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