Creating the perfect wake to surf is no easy task. But the days of constantly moving ballast and switching passengers from side to side is no more. Ronix has just released the Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper. The Wakesurf Shaper is the same idea as Malibu’s Surf Gate. However, it is detachable and able to mount to any boat, whether it is a ski boat, crossover boat, old or new V-drive.


The Wakesurf Shaper latches to the lower backside of the hull on the port or starboard, depending which side you want your wake to form, via two velcro straps. To see for yourself, check out the video below.


The shaper creates a tall, glassy wave perfect for surfing. Look for our on-water video coming this spring!


The Wakesurf Shaper is now available for purchase online and in store for $599.95. Also, add in an Eight.3 ballast bag for an even bigger ride.
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