2021 Axis A24 Wakeboard Boat

The New 2021 Axis A24 is Better Than Big

Axis Wake Research has released the all-new 2021 Axis A24 and it is time to take a look at the new features that make this boat better than ever before. The 2021 Axis A24 comes equipped with all the standard features that make this boat a favorite in the line and several new improvements to take it to the next level of convenience and comfort.

“For 2021 we took all the A24’s greatest assets – its size, its maneuverability, its straightforward technology, its bold styling, its value and its versatile wake and wave – and we improved it even further. We pushed the designers and engineers harder than ever to take this boat to the next level and the result is a 24-foot boat that is so far ahead of the competition it’s mind blowing, and we still didn’t sacrifice on the tremendous value the Axis name was built on.” – Jack Springer, CEO of Malibu Boats.

Enough talking about it… let’s check it out! Watch the video to get a first look at the all-new Axis A24 or keep reading to learn about what makes this boat stand out on the water.


Seating Capacity of 18

Whether you just want more room for your family or want to bring other friends along for the ride, the A24 ensures nobody is stuck at the dock. The huge pickle-fork bow feels endless and has plenty of space for several people to sit up front. The 2021 Axis A24 has an additional 4 inches of freeboard to create a nice, dry ride in choppy water and additional storage space. After all, you need lots of storage when there are going to be lots of people in the boat.

New Color Options

There are a bunch of new gelcoat and vinyl color options for the 2021 Axis boats. Make the A24 your own with full customization and endless color combinations. Shown in the video is an A24 with their all-new nassau blue gelcoat color.

More Speakers

The new A24 now has six speakers in the main cabin for a much better sound profile in a boat this size. All Axis boats are equipped with premium Wet Sounds marine audio for unbeatable sound quality.

3,820 lbs. of Factory Ballast

The Plug ‘n Play factory ballast system has a capacity of almost 4,000 lbs. With the Power Wedge III deployed, the effective ballast is 5,320 lbs. The result: mind-blowing wakes and waves.

Performance Surf Package

Everyone loves the wake that the Axis A24 throws. The performance surf package includes their patented Surf Gate technology, Power Wedge III and Surf Band, an Axis exclusive that lets the rider control the wave settings, adjust tower speaker volume, and even transfer surf sides – all from their wrist!

New Malibu Monsoon M5Di Engine

More torque and less noise than ever before. Utilizing a GM Marine block and designed in Malibu’s engine factory, the M5Di features proven direct injection automotive technology, and it was innovated from the ground up to be the most reliable, maintenance-friendly inboard motor available today. The 6.2 liter Malibu Monsoon M6Di and Malibu Monsoon LT4 are available options on the Axis A24.

Join The Axis Wake Movement

The new Axis A24 has plenty of room for all your friends, creates pro-quality wakes and comes nicely equipped at under $100,000. Stop by Oregon City location at 1224 McLoughlin Blvd. to check out the all-new A24! To schedule a demo contact Chad Wiley at (360) 334-0949 | chad@activeh2o.com

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