The 2020 Liquid Force Foils are in. Offering several models this year to accommodate any type of riding style.

Liquid Force 2020 Galaxy AK Edition Foil Package

Designed to provide maximum high-flying fun on the first wake immediately behind the boat. A great foiling option for first timers or skilled foil riders.

Keen’s foil board is shorter than in years past at just 4’ 2”. A concave top deck improves the grip under your feet for increased board control. Its deep v hull allows for easy touchdowns while chine rails provide smooth, consistent lift off the water. A new quick release collar makes it possible to remove the foil mast and wing with just one bolt, perfect for interchanging foils or safely stowing it away after a nice session.

This foil setup is outfitted with the Impulse 110 Wing, their most maneuverable foil wing. A longer 27” mast lifts the rider higher above the water, allowing the rider to go deeper on carves and turns.

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Liquid Force Wakefoil 2.0 Package

A price point foil set up that delivers a smooth, stable ride for riders of all ability levels. The Liquid Force Wakefoil 2.0 Package is designed to be the perfect foil for those just learning with its shorter 24” mast and user-friendly foil wings. Even includes foot straps for helping learn how to get up and out of the water.

The longer Wakefoil 2.0 Board provides extra forgiveness as you learn the fundamental foiling skills. A 24” mast is a full 3” shorter than all their other foil set ups, making it easier to relax and enjoy the feeling. Its Flite 120 Wing is ultra smooth and stable as it glides through the water.

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“Designed to be a user-friendly ride that will get everyone on the boat experiencing the fun of foiling.”

Liquid Force 2020 Pod Foil Package

The Liquid Force Pod Foil Package is Shawn Watson’s pro model foil setup designed for all day fun. Their brand new Pod shape with the addition of a foil track and quad fin setup, allowing you to foil and wakesurf with the same board. Twice the fun in our minds! Board inserts allow you to attach foot straps (not included) as a great teaching tool for beginner foilers.

This foil set includes their Glider 125 Carbon Wing, the biggest in Liquid Force’s foil line. The Glider gives the board lots of lift, allowing foilers to surf waves of all shapes and sizes. A longer 27” mast provides gets foilers high above the water for total freedom.

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