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It’s not everyday that you get to have a pro wakeboarder come out on your boat, let alone the likes of Liquid Force team rider Shawn Watson. That is just what happened though to local groms Lexie and Ellie Patrick.

It all started the night before when Shawn showed up at the Patrick’s house and surprised the girls. They had plans to ride the next morning regardless, since their good friend Zoe Luquette was in town from Nevada to train for Nationals. Though the girls had no idea they would be getting one on one coaching from Watson.

We all showed up at 8 am that morning with the Willamette River looking like a sheet of glass. We dropped the Patrick’s Malibu 22 MXZ in the water and got ready to start the day. Shawn was the first to ride, his blend of tech mixed with his signature smooth style got the girls stoked to take their sets. Lexie, or better known as “Meatball,” was up next. She was absolutely charging it when it came to her heelside wake jumps, but coming up just a little short on her toeside. With a bit of coaching from Shawn, she started getting her toeside wake to wake dialed by the end of her set.

To finish off the morning both Zoe and Ellie took a couple sets. The girls have been battling all season trying to dial in their heelside backrolls. They both have had success landing them, but were hoping that Watson could give them a few extra pointers to better their consistency. Both girls started their sets with a few of their stock tricks; some stylish grabs, and a couple 180s, before sending it on the backroll. The first couple attempts the girls got worked; but with each attempt they got closer and closer, just popping the handle on the landing. With a little advice from Shawn, both Zoe and Ellie stomped the trick and rode away with smiles on their faces.

All in all it was an awesome day on the water for everyone, new tricks were landed, and there were good vibes all around. A huge thanks to Jen and Shad Patrick for hosting, as well as Shawn Watson for coming out and showing us why wakeboarding is such a great sport!

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