Two weeks ago the AWS crew travelled down to Orlando, Florida, for the much anticipated Surf Expo. At Surf Expo each brand showcased its 2017 line. We got a firsthand look, and even a few tests on the water, of some of the new stuff! So, we decided to share a few products we are most excited about for 2017 with you.

Mission Delta
Now more than ever, everyone seems to be gravitating to wakesurfing. And you want the largest, cleanest wake to ride to the best of your ability, right? Well, you can achieve just that with the Mission Delta. It is a small, floatable device that suction cups to either side of your boat for an epic ride. Check out the video below for more information. The Mission Delta is now available online and in-store.


Slingshot’s Gummy Strap 
Slingshot has always been known for its velcro-laced bindings, but this year is all about the Gummy Strap. The Gummy Strap is user-friendly, making it easy to tighten and lock in, but is also durable enough that it won’t loosen while riding and can withstand the heaviest crashes and use over time. If you don’t believe us, just watch Slingshot‘s video below. The 2017 KTV, RAD, Shredtown, Jewel and Option boots are now available online and in-store.


Ronix’s The Lunatic
Most of Ronix‘s 2017 wakesurfers have thicker profiles compared to its 2016 line, but the thickest of them all is The Lunatic, a brand-new board to the line. The added thickness provides a fast ride, lifted above the water. Predictability is not a word we would use after testing out this wakesurfer at Lake Ronix. It will be quick under your feet and seem to have a mind of its own, but we suppose that is why it’s called “The Lunatic.” This wakesurfer is available for pre-order online.

Liquid Force’s FlexTrack
This year, Liquid Force has changed its board-to-binding connection to a tracking system, rather than a direct connect. This gives you a more responsive board, as if the board and bindings are one, not two products pieced together. The FlexTrack also gives you more stance options while riding by loosening the screws until you slip into a comfortable position to lock in. 2017 Liquid Force boards and bindings will be available online and in-store soon. One other thing we’re stoked about from Liquid Force is its collaboration with Arbor Snowboards. Together they have created a limited edition line, titled, Bloodline. It includes a few wakeboards we are familiar with, but with all-wood cores. They will be available in-store only in the near future.

Stay tuned for these and more exciting, new products from Slingshot, Ronix, Liquid Force, HO and Radar!
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