Massi North Florida Loop

Whether you are sitting at your desk or on the couch right now, we highly recommend you take a few minutes to check out Wakeboarding Magazine’s coverage of the North Florida Loop. Any project put on with the help of Red Bull is must-watch material and this video series fits the bill.

The crew of Parks Bonifay, Massi Piffaretti, Brian Grubb and Nick Taylor embark together on a multi-day journey, logging over 350 miles as they do an epic loop around North Florida. All the video edits are done by none other than the talented Erik Ruck. Each video highlights one day of the journey. Wakeboarding Magazine has been releasing a new edit weekly and the first two days are now out.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the North Florida fun!

Day 1 – North Florida Loop


On Day 1 the group of guys start off in Sanford, Florida and start making their way up the St. John’s River to Jacksonville. Not in any rush, the crew did some grilling, chilling and a whole hell of a lot of riding as they made their way north. Even some fishing too (no video evidence of any catches though)! The highlight of day 1 has to be Parks playing on a spine of water created by the two boats’ joining wakes. The dude has still got it!

Day 2 – North Florida Loop


On day 2 the guys start off with a strong breakfast, gas up and then continue pushing north. The e-foils were a hit with everyone onboard as they took turns ripping through the shallows of Silver Glen Springs. The group covered over 50 miles on day 2 alone!

Northwest Journey Next Year?

We are obviously biased but how cool would it be for these guys to do a similar boat journey right here in the Pacific Northwest? Say… start in Astoria, work your way up the Columbia River and make Active Water Sports your final destination. Just throwing the idea out there boys!

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