2022 Super Air Nautique Boats

Nautique Announces Its New Features and Looks for 2022


Nautique announced its lineup for 2022 this week, including all new features and designs. You can even start building your very own, unique Nautique boat today.

For 2022, Nautique has added a few new and updated features to the G-Series and GS-Series models, including tower options, ballast options, touchscreen interfaces, and a Coastal Edition package. Check out more details below.


New for 2022, there are three new tower options for the G-Series of boats. Each model comes standard with the completely re-designed Flight Control Tower™ that provides the perfect tow point for wakeboarding or wakesurfing and manually folds down for easy storage, or for traveling under bridges. You can also opt for the Actuated Flight Control Tower, which folds up or down at the touch of a button.

Another new option for 2022 is the Telescoping Flight Control Tower package for the G-Series models. This package allows you to quickly and easily telescope the tower up or down with the bimini remaining in place, and everyone sitting comfortably in their seats. This package includes Nautique Strapless Board Racks, Bimini Top with Surf Pockets and two pairs of 8.8” JL Audio speakers enclosed in custom speaker housings.


The GS-Series has two all-new redesigned tower options for 2022. They come standard with the Flight Control Tower, which gives you a great tow point for wakeboarding and wakesurfing, and manually folds down. For the first time on the GS-Series, you can now opt for an Actuated Flight Control Tower™ that gives your GS an impressive new look that folds up or down with the touch of a button. Both towers are perfect for storing your boat in a garage or boathouse, or when traveling under bridges as well.


For those days on the water when your entire crew can’t come along, Nautique now offers a Supplemental Ballast option on the G23 and G25 models. Designed to act as supplemental weight to offset your crew capacity, this new option puts two additional subfloor ballast tanks in the midship, incorporating 1,450-pounds of additional weight to create amazingly-shaped wakes and surf waves that can all be accessed via the LINC Panoray Touchscreen.


Adding two 350-pound sacks in each transom storage compartment, Nautique is proud to offer the Supplemental Ballast option for the GS22 and GS24 models for 2022. Ready for the times when your entire crew can’t join you, the additional 700-pounds of weight is plumbed right into the sub-floor ballast system and will help create amazingly-shaped wakes and surf waves that can all be accessed via the LINC Panoray Touchscreen.


Completely redesigned software interface for 2022, the LINC Panoray Touchscreens aboard the G-Series and GS-Series are now more intuitive than ever before. With an easy-to-navigate home screen and main menu on the left side of the display, you can quickly view and change settings, or select a user preset. With this entirely new interface, the LINC Panoray Touchscreen just took the driving experience to a whole new level.


New for 2022, the Nautique Coastal Edition models have integrated an additional bonded sacrificial anode that adds more protection to the already advanced, corrosive-resistant package. This upgraded package is designed to safeguard more key components than ever before at the transom of the boat including the Surf Pipe, Steer Assist Housing, NSS WAVEPLATES, Platform Brackets and Exhaust Bypass. By simultaneously connecting these items to a large sacrificial anode they can divert the corrosive effect to the anode and withstand the exposure to saltwater and keep your Nautique safe.

It’s always an exciting time of the year when Nautique shares the details of what designs and engineering advances the brand has been working on. 2022 Nautique spots are filling up fast here at Active Water Sports – call our Nautique Specialist Greg Waters at 503-490-5778 or greg@activewatersports.com to reserve your spot today!



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