What happens when we spend countless hours in the attic of our West Side location sifting through bins of old photos and VHS tapes? We find promotional videos for the SKURFER, circa 1989!

Our owner, Warren Freece, started Active Water Sports in 1982. There was only waterskiing back then. The Skurfer was the board that started it all! A cross between a waterski and a wakesurf board, the Skurfer was the board that opened doors to what is possible behind a boat. In a day of massive wakes and pro riders throwing double flips, it’s humbling to look back and remember where we all came from.

Huge thanks to Tony Finn for introducing us to a life changing product that would revolutionize water sports as we knew it, opening our eyes to possibilities unimaginable to the generations that grew up waterskiing. Wakeboarders and even wakesurfers owe everything to the Skurfer!

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