Parks Bonifay

Wakeboarding’s Biggest Double Up Event is Back After Almost 10 Years

Parks Bonifay made big news when he announced that the Red Bull Double or Nothing Double Up Contest is going down this year. One of wakeboarding’s most popular events in the 2000’s, it’s been nearly ten years since the last Double or Nothing event. Parks decided now was the perfect time to bring this event back, citing “the wakes are bigger, the riders are better and the sport is ready to be changed again.”


11 of world’s top wakeboarders were selected and personally invited by Parks to ride in this event. The athlete roster is absolutely loaded with talent and this is lining up to be quite the show. Each rider will get the opportunity to smash six double ups and put down their best trick.

Invited Riders

  • Jake Pelot
  • Tyler Higham
  • Cory Teunissen
  • Shota Tezuka
  • Rusty Malinoski
  • Danny Harf
  • Guenther Oka
  • Nic Rapa
  • Tony Iaconi
  • Brenton Priestley
  • Steel Lafferty

Active Water Sports reached out to a couple of the riders to get their reaction after receiving the invite.

“Wakeboarding is the only board sport where you get the most credit for doing a hard trick off the smallest jump. I would rather see any trick done off the double up than wake to wake. Needless to say, I’m excited to hit the big jumps that Parks dishes up!!!” -Danny Harf

“This event is about to bring a breath of fresh air into wakeboarding. We’ve gone too long without a double up contest and what better way to do it than with the legend himself, Parks Bonifay. This is also a huge honor to be invited. I watched all these guys smash double ups when I was younger so now it’s my turn to take a stab at it! Keep your eyes peeled, we’re about to go up!” – Guenther Oka

The Double or Nothing contest is going down on Tuesday, Sept. 1st. The footage from the event will be released on Tuesday, September 8th.

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