Spring has officially arrived! And how sweet it is. Sunshine shining, flowers blooming, and yes, you boating. Monday hit a high of 86 degrees, and there will be plenty of more days like it. However, nearby rivers and lakes haven’t quite warmed up to that degree. The Willamette River finally passed the 50 degree mark just over two weeks ago. So, you will definitely want to suit up when you hit the water. We have compiled a list of drysuits, wetsuits and swim trunks that will be perfect for your skiing/wakeboarding needs depending on the warmth (or lack there of) of the water.

43-52 degree water: O’Neill Assault Drysuit

The O’Neill Assault Drysuit is the best of both world for those chillier days. The bottom half is a 3mm neoprene, just like a wetsuit, but the top half is a baggy nylon, just like a drysuit. You can keep warm wearing extra clothes underneath the top half, but still have the flexibility in your legs and core to start learning that new trick before summer is here.

This hybrid drysuit is available for $415.95 online and in-store. Also, if you’re looking for something a little warmer, be sure to check out the O’Neill Boost Drysuit.

52-58 degree water: O’Neill Psycho 1 Zen 4/3, Ride Engine Elara 4/3

For the guys, the O’Neill Psycho 1 Zen 4/3 is perfect for this time of year. It is the ideal full wetsuit with its double super seal neck and TechnoButter 2 neoprene material. The neck seal includes an outer neoprene seal, as well as an internal seal that blocks out water. And if water somehow sneaks in, it will be stopped by a barrier and forced to go out the drain hole. In addition, the TechnoButter 2 neoprene provides an advanced material that is now 20% lighter and has 30% less water absorption. With this technology you will be sure to keep dry and warm even with colder water.

The O’Neill Psycho 1 Zen 4/3 is available for $329.95 online and in-store.


For the girls, the Ride Engine Elara 4/3 is the equivalent of the Psycho 1 Zen. It provides warmth and dryness with its fleece-lined interior and 4/3mm-thick neoprene. The Ride Engine Elara also features a double seal neck to ensure zero leakage. This wetsuit is designed to fit the female figure perfectly giving you flexibility and comfort out behind the boat. And as an added bonus, Ride Engine uses limestone-based neoprene which is not as scarce as petroleum, the main ingredient usually used to make wetsuits. The Ride Engine material also does not give off oils over time that pollute the oceans and rivers you ride in. That’s a win for you and a win for the environment.

The Ride Engine Elara 4/3 is available for $389 online and in-store.

58-63 degree water: O’Neill Epic II 3/2

The O’Neill Epic II 3/2 gives you a little more stretch once the water gets a bit warmer. It features a secure zipper and a double seal neck closure to keep water from seeping in. It also has Fluidflex Firewall neoprene to especially protect areas like your core for enhanced warmth. However, the neoprene thickness is slightly slimmer which gives you more flexibility to move around on your board with no restrictions.

The O’Neill Epic II 3/2 is available in both men and women sizes for $139.95 online and in-store.

63-68 degree water: O’Neill Hammer 2/1, O’Neill Bahia SS 2/1

For the guys, the O’Neill Hammer 2/1 will meet your early summer needs. It is made of 100% stretch material so you have no excuses not to land that trick. It also has breathable seams that are strategically placed to give you a full range of motion, and it is a tight fit and has a double seal neck to still keep you somewhat dry.

The O’Neill Hammer 2/1 is available for $99.95 online and in-store.


For the girls, the O’Neill Bahia SS 2/1 is perfect for the early summer lady shredders. It comes with similar features as the O’Neill Hammer 2/1 like breathable seams, a tight fit, a double seal neck and super stretch fabric. In addition, it is 50+ UV protection and is available in short sleeve and long sleeve versions.

The O’Neill Bahia SS 2/1 is available for $99.95 in-store.

68> degree water: O’Neill Hyperfreak/Superfreak boardshorts, O’Neill Pacific boardshorts

When the water finally hits its summer peak it will be time to break out the boardshorts! We have a variety of boardshort options from O’Neill and Liquid Force. Come into one of our shops to check out all of our shorts.


For the guys, we recommend the O’Neill Hyperfreak and Superfreak boardshorts for those warm days. These boardshorts feature an extra durable stretch material, anti-rash Hyperthread stitching, and quick-drying material to ensure you’re styling and comfortable all day long.

The O’Neill Hyperfreak and Superfreak boardshorts are available in various colors and designs for as low as $59.95 in-store.

For the girls, we recommend the O’Neill Pacific boardshorts. Not too long, not too short, just right. They are made with a soft suede material for your own comfort whether you’re boarding or just lounging at the beach.

These shorts are available in black and white for $32.95 in-store. If you’re looking for a longer style, check out the O’Neill Atlantic or the O’Neill Caspian boardshorts.

If you have any other questions about the best ways to stay warm and dry this spring and summer call us at 503-650-5991 or stop by our Oregon City or Beaverton location to have a look for yourself. Happy riding!

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