Supra Boats Dual Stern Thrusters

Dual Stern Thrusters Give You More Control Docking and Trailering

New for 2021, Supra boats are now available with their exclusive Dual Stern Thrusters. Designed for improved maneuverability while docking, trailering or picking up a rider, you’ll have more control on the water than ever before when navigating tight spaces.

Featuring two 24V thrusters located on the transom corners, this system provides smooth, efficient control while minimizing energy consumption. With the turn of the throttle knob the driver can activate the Thrusters in burst mode in either direction. Three different intensity levels (low, medium, high) are available and can be adjusted using the side touch screen.

The system’s smart feature, Dock Hold, is integrated directly into the driver’s center screen. Dock Hold assists by powering a single motor at a reduced intensity, holding the stern of the boat temporarily against the dock, allowing the driver to secure the bow line from inside the boat.

Supra’s all-new Dual Stern Thrusters provide more power and more control than ever before. With the ability to easily adjust the boat’s stern position, the driver has more precise control for maneuvering in tight spaces, picking up a rider or while trailering the boat.

2021 Supra Boats | Opt for Extraordinary  

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