Next up on list of brands we scoped in Florida is none other than Follow. Hailing from the land of kangaroos and koala bears, Follow has taken a different approach to the wake vest and handle game. This Australian brand carved a niche for themselves by offering neo that has a more streetwear inspired aesthetic. Everything in the line looks amazing, from the vests, to tow devices, to wettys. One product to keep your eyes peeled for that I forgot to snap a photo of is their new change towel. This towel features a fleece lined interior with a waterproof shell exterior, perfect for those of us living up here in the PNW. The other pieces we’re hyped on include our boy¬†Tyler Higham’s new collection, which includes his pro model vest in two color ways, as well as a matching rope and handle combo.

Let’s Follow Oli Derome through a few of his picks from the 2019 lineup.



Check out a few more featured pieces below, and click on any of the photos if you want to get a little more info on the product!