A huge thank you to all who have shared your opposition to House Bill 4099! Our collective efforts have succeeded in changing House Bill 4099 from a proposed law into a proposal for an Advisory Panel to look at the best ways to share our waterways while mitigating the impact of wakes from towboats. Another thank you goes to State Representative Vial for agreeing to take more time to look at this issue from all sides.
At this point, let’s work together to educate ourselves and other boaters. We all need to work together to keep our waterways open and safe. Below is a quick list of things to remember when we are out on the water:
  • Stay at least 150 feet from shoreline, docks and other structures
  • When picking up a fallen rider, stop and turn around slowly, avoiding power turns that throw waves in all directions
  • Avoid repetitive passes through the same area
  • Listen to music at reasonable levels
Be a good steward of the sport and we will continue to enjoy all the access we have now! Stay tuned for more updates on House Bill 4099 and House Bill 4138.


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