How Well Does Liquid Force’s Power Couple Really Know Each Other?

Liquid Force team riders Guenther Oka and Meagan Ethell are undoubtedly wakeboarding’s hottest power couple right now. The two of them are placing on the podium for nearly every contest they enter, landing new sponsors and even setting new world records. In the last year Guenther has been crowned the gold medal for the X Games ‘Real Wake’ Contest, was crowned the 2018 Alliance Rider of the Year and got his first pro model wakeboard with Liquid Force. Meagan has had a huge 2019 with a new boat sponsor and won her 6th Nautique Masters (5th in a row)!

We caught up with the two of them to play a fun game of ‘how well do you really know each other?’

The competition is simple: provide your own answer and guess what your partner said. You score 1 point per correct guess. Let the fun begin!


Guenther’s Answer:  Gunthy

Meagan’s Guess: Babers?

Meagan’s Answer: Babers or Meag?

Guenther’s Guess: Meags (+1)

Round 1 Score: Guenther 1, Meagan 0

First Date?

Guenther’s Answer: Dragon Fly final answer

Meagan’s Guess: We went to this sushi restaurant called Izziban, hashed it out over some rolls, and the rest was history

Meagan’s Answer: (my answer is the same as my guess)

Guenther’s Guess: Probably Vanbarry’s or Dragon Fly

Round 2 Score: Guenther 1, Meagan 0


What is your perfect date night?

Guenther’s Answer: Dragon Fly, Ice Cream, GOT

Meagan’s Guess: I would guess the same for Guenther because we love our sushi, no joke (+1)

Meagan’s Answer: Getting all fancied up and going ham on some sushi

Guenther’s Guess: Dragon Fly, Puppies, GOT (+1)

Round 3 Score: Guenther 2, Meagan 1

Favorite Liquid Force Wakesurf Board?

Guenther’s Guess: Space Pod

Meagan’s Guess: Space Pod or one of the foils (+1)

Meagan’s Answer: My favorite surfer would be either the Space Pod or Wild Cat

Guenther’s Answer: Space Pod (+1)

Round 4 Score: Guenther 3, Meagan 1

Favorite trick to do on a wakeboard?

Guenther’s Answer: Pete Rose (Switch or regs)

Meagan’s Guess: Switch melon pete. He does a lot of pete variations, but the melon pete is my favorite so maybe it is his too (+1)

Meagan’s Answer: Indy roll to blind

Guenther’s Guess: Wrap heel 3

Round 5 Score: Guenther 3, Meagan 2

If you weren’t a pro wakeboarder, you would be a…

Guenther’s Answer: Team manager of any brand

Meagan’s Guess: He’d be a ski bum for sure haha (you can ask him), but maybe a surfer or snow skier

Meagan’s Answer: I honestly have no clue because being a pro athlete is the best job

Guenther’s Guess: Red Bull social media analyst

Round 6 Score: Guenther 3, Meagan 2


If you could only ride: Cable, Winch or Wake for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Guenther’s Answer: Cable

Meagan’s Guess: Guenther might answer with winch, but we all know he loves cable (+1)

Meagan’s Answer: Boat will forever and always have my heart.

Guenther’s Guess: Boat (+1)

Round 7 Score: Guenther 4, Meagan 3


Favorite Color?

Guenther’s Answer: Olive greenish

Meagan’s Guess: Green? Pretty sure I’ve asked him this before and I don’t know if he has a favorite color (+1)

Meagan’s Answer: I’m a blue kind of gal

Guenther’s Guess: Dark blue. Like the navy color of her 2018 board (+1)

Round 8 Score: Guenther 5, Meagan 4

Favorite Red Bull Drink?

Guenther’s Answer: Coconut Berry

Meagan’s Guess: OG for sure

Meagan’s Answer: There’s nothing like a cold OG on a hot day, but I’ve also been a huge fan of the Coconut Berry

Guenther’s Guess: Tropical Yellow edition

Round 9 Score: Guenther 5, Meagan 4

Your Spirit Animal?

Guenther: Eagle

Meagan’s Guess: IDK haha, maybe a bald eagle or some bad ass animal (+1)

Meagan: I’m just going guess that Guenther guessed golden retriever for me, so I’ll say that.

Guenther’s Guess: Megladon

Round 10 Score: Guenther 5, Meagan 5

Bonus Question: Who has more Instagram followers?

Guenther: Pretty obvious, the queen has way more (+1)

Meagan: Me, obvi haha (+1)

The Results

Guenther’s Total Score: 6

Meagan’s Total Score: 6

Winner: A Tie?!?!?!

The truth is in the score and it looks like these two know each other equally well. While we hate to end it in a tie, we didn’t have any tiebreakers prepared to settle this competition. Thanks Guenther and Meagan for participating!

Make sure to stay tuned into the Active Water Sports blog all summer long for more rider interviews, upcoming events and more.

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