If you missed us at Demo Days, then you missed the opportunity to try out our new, exciting products. But you’re still in luck! The Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper, the HO Fad and the HO Rad+ are still available for purchase in-store and online. Check out a bit about each product here:

Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper

Ronix has developed a wedge for the side of your boat that creates a large, glassy wave, and for an affordable price! The wedge is sealed to the hull of the boat by heavy-duty velcro, and can easily be applied to either side of the boat, depending on if you’re riding regular or goofy. The wedge fits on just about any boat, whether it’s a ski boat, crossover boat, old or new V-drive. Stop by one of our shops to see it for yourself, or give it a try by purchasing it on our site for just $599.95.

HO Fad

The next product you didn’t know you needed is the Fun Aquatic Device, a.k.a. the Fad. It is built with similar material as a standup paddle board for durability and an EVA traction pad for an easy grip. Ride it like a surfboard or kneel and attach your handle to the built-in hook and grab the side handles for even more ripping around. The Fad comes complete with a hand pump all for $329.95 in-store and online. The Fad brings fun for the whole family!

HO Rad+

Last, but certainly not least, you will need the HO Rad+. The Rad+ is a similar idea to the HO Fad, but it is a circular device that provides a different kind of fun. Like the Fad, it is made of the same material with the soft grip pad, has a hook for your handle and a hook to hold on to, and comes with a hand pump. However, the Rad+ is round, making it easy to try 360s and even pass the football while riding doubles with your friend. It is available in-store and online for $499.95.


Well, now you know! But don’t wait, with summer around the corner, these products will not be in stock for much longer. Stop by one of our shops, check them out online, or call us at 503-650-5991 if you have any questions about these or our other awesome toys.

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