Spring has finally sprung, and all of us here at Active Water Sports are ready to hit the water! Although air temperatures will be in the 70s this week, the water temperatures are still at a shocking 50 degrees. Which means a wetsuit will be necessary for everyone looking to get out there. In addition to water temperature you’ll want to keep a few other things in mind, like sensitivity to cold, wind and your level of activity. To help better understand what to look for in a wetsuit we created this guide to finding the right one. You can also talk to our knowledgeable staff for more information and tips for staying warm in that PNW water.


O’Neill Fluid Neo Drysuit

The Fluid Neo drysuit is the best of both worlds for riders looking for the warmth of a drysuit and the flexibility of a wetsuit. The upper half is a loose fit with a waterproof horizontal back zip, and the bottom half is a tight 3 mm neoprene fit, all made with fluid seam welding for extra protection from cold water. The Fluid Neo drysuit is available for $475.95. If you’re looking for even more warmth, be sure to check out our full drysuit, the O’Neill Boost.

O’Neill Psycho 1 Z.E.N. 4/3

The O’Neill Psycho 1 Z.E.N. 4/3 is perfect for this time of year. It is the ideal full wetsuit with its double super seal neck and TechnoButter 2 neoprene material. The neck seal includes an outer neoprene seal, as well as an internal seal that blocks out water. And if water seeps in, it will be stopped by a barrier and forced to go out of a drain hole. In addition, the TechnoButter 2 neoprene provides an advanced material that is now 20% lighter and has 30% less water absorption. With this technology you will be sure to keep dry and warm. This full wetsuit is $329.95.

O’Neill Epic II 3/2

The Epic II 3/2 gives more flexibility as the water warms up. It features a secure zipper and a double seal neck closure to keep water out. It also has Fluidflex Firewall neoprene to further protect your core for enhanced warmth. And with a slimmer neoprene thickness, you have more flexibility to move with no restrictions. The O’Neill Epic II 3/2 is available in both men and women sizes for $164.95.

O’Neill Hammer 2/1 & O’Neill Bahia 2/1


The men’s shorty, the Hammer, and the women’s shorty, the Bahia, are perfect for meeting your summer needs. They are made of 100% stretch material so you have no excuses not the land that trick. It also has breathable seams, a tight-fit and a double seal neck. They are both available for $99.95.












O’Neill Original 2/1

During mid-to-late summer, the Pacific Northwest weather warms up the river waters, but for those looking to ride in the early mornings, late evenings or just want to keep some extra warmth intact, a neo top is the ideal accessory. One of our favorites is the O’Neill Original 2/1. With an UltraFlex, ultra stretch, smooth material, this stylish top has all the flexibility and comfortability you need. It is available for $79.95.



AWS Long Sleeve Tech T-Shirt

For those days when staying warm is no longer a concern, but rather sun protection is, a rash guard is all you need. We enjoy representing our AWS Long Sleeve Tech T-shirts when out on the water in the summer. The soft and breathable shirts are quick drying and have a UV protection base layer. They are available for $42.


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