The all new Moomba Makai is a force to be reckoned with. At 24 and a half feet its Moomba’s biggest boat in the lineup. It produces pro level wakes and waves due to the 4,000 pounds of subfloor ballast. It also features a 7-inch touchscreen display, an all new Pro Tower setup, and room for 18 people. Plus, AutoWake and Flow 2.0 Surf systems are optional.

The Makai has been a favorite with the AWS team since it came into the shop a few weeks ago, but we want to get our customers in on the action too. Join us on September 4th at Willamette Park, off of Macadam to try it out for yourselves. We’ll have the boat running all afternoon long, and we will have some of the new 2019 product to try out as well.

Contact Ryan Reilly at (503)-830-3699 to schedule a time slot.



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