Evolve Stoke-Blue



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  • Small in size. Big in power.
  • Eats hills for breakfast.
  • Best board in its class.
  • The ultimate travel companion.
  • 1 year warranty

Introducing the Stoke board.  This surf inspired swallow tail cruiser is a pocket-rocket sized slasher you can take to the corner store, campus, workplace or if you just want to get out of the house for some good old fashion cruising and carving, it really is the perfect last mile vehicle!

The Stoke board is our smallest most portable skateboard in the Evolve Skateboards line-up made from eco-friendly bamboo and fiberglass construction and setup with the Evolve Super-carve truck and Orangatang Caguama wheels which allows you to throw down carves like you have never done before!

The deck also has the added bonus of a surf inspired EVA foam pad for the back foot and a rear kick-tail which is capable of popping off small curbs and lips that you encounter on your daily ride.  Our GTR 3000 watt dual motor power coupled with the latest lithium and Bluetooth technology will get you your carving fix on any pavement!

What’s in the Box?
Your New Stoke board
Fast Charger
R2 Remote, leash, remote case and charging cable
Accessories carry case
Y tool
Spare screws set



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