Flite Fliteboard Carbon Pro Black Series 3



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The Efoil Pro is designed for lighter/experienced riders that want a lighter-weight, more responsive efoil board. Fliteboard comes standard with a prop guard. Advanced riders can setup “Pro Mode” by removing the prop guard with the prop duct removal kit – this will increase responsiveness, efficiency, run-time and really waken up the Efoil Pro.

Footstraps for advanced riders come standard
on our Black Carbon model only.


Board finishes: Silver | Black | Bronze | Ash | Silver | Gold

Contact for pricing, options, & purchase : Mike Ray
(503) 765 5170 | [email protected]





“Flite exists to make the world’s best premium eFoils; whilst catalysing a shift to cleaner & quieter waterways.”

– Watersports have evolved. We made Fliteboard even simpler, more reliable and user friendly. Find freedom and fly over water – on the world’s most advanced electric hydrofoil.

Fliteboard Configuration includes:

— Flite Controller
— Wing set includes Front Wing and Stabilizer
— Premium Charger
— eFoil Travel Bag
— Fliteboard Bag
— Accessories Pouch
— 2 Year Warranty



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