Liquid Force 2023 Carbon Glider HA 95 Foil Set

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Looking for fast speed and large boat wake use? The Glider 95 has your back

Ideal for large boat wakes the 95 is our premium sports car, extremely nimble and fast. The Glider 95 is more than capable of winging too whether it be in the ocean or lake the 95 can handle bigger winds and waves. The 3k prepreg carbon fibre has a huge weight to strength ratio and doesn’t use unnecessary additional resin keeping it light and responsive. With a medium stability the Glider is best placed for more experienced riders looking to take it further.

This high aspect wing is made for maximum glide and speed. It requires a higher level of skill to ride but will quickly become the go-to foil for the advanced rider. The shorter chord length allows for less drag and more overall performance. This is great for those of you that are familiar with our horizon line and looking for an upgrade.


+Glider 95 Front Wing – Surface Area 950 cm² |90 cm Wingspan

+H24 Rear Stabilizer Wing – Surface Area 240 cm² | 37 cm Wingspan

+Carbon mast available in 28’’ and 32’’

+3k Pre-Preg Carbon Fuselage with Titanium core

+High speed, high efficiency

+Foil shim kit

+Carrying case





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