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The Pod Foil Set is Liquid Force’s wakefoil/wakesurf crossover package. The 4’4” Pod Foil board is their award-winning Pod wakesurfer with the addition of the foil track system and extra reinforcement. The board comes with a quad fin set up for wakesurfing and a transition plate to allow your foil to mount directly to the board. The corduroy deck traction and additional horizontal texture breaks give you a visual and tangible aide to find the perfect foot placement. The 27” mast features an updated mast cross section built to minimize drag and maximize safety. The Glider 125 wing set gives great lift and performance on the first or second wake. With a flat stabilizer wing, the Glider wing set turns quickly and efficiently while allowing easy pumps to endless glides. If you’re looking for only one thing to take on the boat this summer, the Pod Foil is your ticket to nonstop fun all day long.


+ Single to Double Concave Hull
As the shape of the bottom of the board changes, water reacts differently.

+ DuraShell
Combines the buoyancy and feel of a high-end EPS board and the durability of a compression molded shape.

+ Stringerless EPS Foam

+ Compression Molded

+ Wake Surf Compatible

+ Fin Set Up: Quad (S Side Fins w/ Stubbie Trailer Fins)

+ Pod Foil Set

++ Glider 125 Carbon Wing
The lifting wing determines the characteristics of your foil system. The larger the surface area the easier it is to lift at slower speeds! Shapes of the wing determine stability and maneuverability.

++ Padded Wing Covers
The smaller stabilizing wing at the back gives the board the stability it needs to remain on plain beneath the surface of the water. It helps the entire system with maneuverablity and smoothness on the ride.

++ 27″ Aluminum Alloy Mast
The mast determines how high you fly above the water. Taller masts give you more room to play, turn, and explore the wave. Shorter masts are a bit easier to learn on, cruise, and enjoy the flight!

++ Aluminum Standard Fuselage
The hydrodynamic connection between the front lifting wing and the rear stabilizing wing.

++ Forged Aluminum Mast Collar

++ Transition Plate

++ Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Hardware Kit





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