2021 Ronix Vision Boy’s CGA Vests






Getting your grom to wear their vest and not complain is typically a never ending battle. Not with this life jacket! Ronix vigorously tested this vest until every grom approved of it. The Ronix Vision Boy’s CGA Vest features a fleece lined neck and arm holes for maximum comfort. A perfect fit no matter your boy’s age. Available in infant/toddler, child, and youth sizes.


+ CG Approved
U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest.

+ Fleece Lined Neck & Arm Holes
Happy kids = happy boating. Nothing makes kids happier than the soft fleece lining on Ronix’s vests. That’s why all of their little tyke models come equipped with this happy technology.

+ Water Resistant Liner
You know that annoying face you make when you have to try on your buddy’s wet life vest? Not no more. Ronix created a liner that greatly reduces water seeping into a vest, and most importantly, reducing the weird “wet vest” face.

+ Two-Way Stretch Neoprene
A neoprene sponge material that moves side to side when you do.

+ Designed for a Kid’s Torso

+ The Ultimate CGA Floating Device for the Next Generation



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