2021 Follow Tact Men’s CGA Jacket

SKU: F11211-CGA




The Tact delivers maximum flexibility and expander fit back for maximum adjustment giving you genuine personalization to your own contour. Ensure that you can face the rigors of everyday riding with freedom and safety in Follow’s CGA Vests.


+ Featherweight Foam
There are two ways to keep a life jacket as light as possible: reduce water absorption and use the lightest materials Follow can get their hands on. The featherweight foam is the best of both worlds, no kidding, feel for yourself.

+ Reduced Individual Segments
Follow works closely with their factory to minimize the foam pocket sizing and to use a direct stitch-through process to manage areas that are prone to movement. This keeps all the foam in place for years to come.

+ Dual-Layer Neoprene
Wet neoprene increases in size by roughly 10%, depending on thickness and materials. Follow uses both external and internal neoprene layers to minimize this effect. Dual-Layer neoprene keeps the vest fitting as intended and helps to reduce chest expansion in the water.

+ Expander Fit Back for Maximum Fit Adjustment



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