2021 Ronix Covert CGA Vest

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Without a heavy sigh, this vest is a flat traditional construction but it has a certain je ne sais quoi. You see, this little floatable tiger has a spirit that is just undeniable and comes in at Ronix’s most affordable value. She’s a real peach at keeping your head above water.


+ CGA Approved
U.S. Coast Guard Approved life vest.

+ Standard Torso
Based around the symmetry of a standard chest size. Created for the not too long, yet not too short guy.

+ Glide Skin
We live in a world that likes bling. Glide skin is shiny, actually it’s more just expensive looking. Which makes it cool and relevant.

+ Two-Way Stretch
A neoprene sponge material that moves side to side when you do.

+ Water Resistant
You know that annoying face you make when you have to try on your buddys wet life vest? Not no more. Ronix created a liner that greatly reduces water seeping into a vest, and most importantly, reducing the weird wet vest face.

+ Oversized Arm Holes
Sometimes those arms like to flap these bigger holes let you roll the windows down with ease.

+ Cushion CGA Foam
Roughly 30% heavier than Air Foam, but man is it comfy when you slip it on.


1 review for 2021 Ronix Covert CGA Vest

  1. Danny Bernacil (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the fit and looks of the Ronix Covert CGA Vest. A very comfortable fit.
    Price was very great too!
    AWS is the BEST!
    Danny B.

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