2021 Ronix Supreme Athletic Fit Vest






Men’s CE approved impact vest. A literal and figurative Supreme impact jacket featuring Flex Foam technology and an athletic fit designed by Ronix’s friends in Manhattan. When we think of Tyler Higham and this Supreme jacket we think of modesty. It’s fitting that the two like each other, arguably our sports most stylish rider prefers this unpretentious impact chic jacket.

WARNING: This is not a life jacket to protect from drowning and IS NOT approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Check your local and state regulations before purchasing.


+ CE Approved
An EU Approved European Tournament jacket.

+ Manhattan Tailored Fit
Designed entirely for the avid waterman. We went deep into the outfitting process and borrowed some principles from lifelong NYC tailors who know what it takes to form a flawless fit. Once Mr. Manhattan got the dimensions all dialed in, the next step was to perfect the ratio of sizes ranging from XS all the way to a 4XL. So, not only did Ronix create the perfect fit, but they made it in eight different sizes.

+ Four-Way Stretch
Your body can end up in some contorted positions when you are riding – this material has the mobility to take that journey with you.

+ Longer Torso
Some of Ronix’s vests are designed 2” longer than a standard vest. Sometimes it’s just a little awkward when your belly button is saying hello.

+ Oversized Arm Holes
Sometimes those arms like to flap – these bigger holes let you roll the windows down with ease.

+ Flex Foam
A slinky for your chest. It will bend, twist, and turn in any direction you need it to.

+ Non-CGA Approved
Non U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest.



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