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One of a kind and unique, just like the name attached to the board. Felix has a riding style all his own and it’s extremely fun to watch, almost as much fun as the Butterstick Pro is to ride. The Butterstick Pro features a progressive three-stage rocker, triax glass lay-up, variable radius single concave hull, and beveled Liquid Rails. It comes equipped with a wood profiled core that makes the board feel alive under foot. Along with the super flexy diamond tip shape, the unique 3D tip Flex Zone makes this board great for nose and tail presses. The Butterstick Pro get two thumbs up!


+ Three-Stage Rocker
Flatter center curve for speed and rail control. Exaggerated exit angle through tip gives a bucking pop off the wake.

+ Profiled Wood Core
Profiled wood from tip to tail to give you stability and strength in between the feet and flex and pop at the tip and tails.

+ 3D Flex Zone – Multiple Axis Flex
A third axis of flex giving the rider the most vibrant torsional response and rebound.

+ LF FlexTrack™ System
The industry’s first flexible track continues to lead the charge for high performance flex and feel… combined with a 4D boot, there is no other board/boot connection that feels more secure and in touch with the water! A track that moves with you and the board as you twist into carves and press onto rails… creating an unmatched connection that makes you and your board one.

+ Beveled LiquidRail™ Sidewalls
This elastomeric sidewall, featured on all Liquid Force’s park boards for over 10 years, provides additional flex, rail bond, and durability for all your hard-hitting days! Liquid Force was the first to introduce a super durable elastomeric sidewall and they continue to improve it every year. As park riding progresses, they’re doing their part to build stronger, more durable rides to keep you on the water, having fun lap after lap… the LF Exclusive Liquid Rail is one way they’re making this happen!

+ Super Flexi Diamondtail Shape

+ Unique 3D FlexZone™ Tip Design

+ Triax Glass Layup

+ Variable Radius Single Concave Hull

+ Compatible w/ all Bindings; Optimized with 4D™







Felix Georgii is changing how we view cable and winch spots with his unique and powerful style. To keep him attached to his board, he needs a binding that offers quick entry and exit for his one footers, yet supportive enough for huge kicker hits at the local park. The all new 2021 Hook 4D is his binding of choice, due to the simplicity of the three adjustable Velcro closures, the Reflex walk-out liner and the 4D chassis. The 4D chassis allows the rider infinite stance options and the smallest board/binding contact spot in the industry so the board can flex uninterrupted. If you want simple, yet functional, strap into some Hook 4D for your next day at the park.


+ Flex: Firm

+ Fit: Medium-Wide

+ 4D™ Chassis System
4D™ chassis has the smallest footprint which allows the board to preform at its truest flex with maximum response.

+ Honeycomb Flex Floor™ Cushioning System
6X™ chassis exclusive Honeycomb FlexFloor absorbs high impact landings and returns energy for a live, responsive feeling on the water while creating a lighter binding.

+ 45 Degree Angle Attachment Points
45 degree angle attachments under foot increases leverage creating better board response.

+ Non-slip TPE Impact Dampening Base
Injection molded TPE dampening pad with more grip and superior stick to the board.

+ Laser perforated Micro-Fiber Leather

+ Smooth Flexing Uni-Body Side Panels

+ Triple Zone Adjustable Power Strap System

+ Walk-Out Reflex Liner With Rubber Sole and Adjustable Velcro Strap

+ Compatible With Liquid Force Flextrack™



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