Liquid Force 2021 Gromi [Pre-Order]






The Gromi is Liquid Force’s pint sized performance skim shape for all the little rippers out there. The beveled rail edge is catch free which helps with control and learning, along with the fuller diamond tip shape for stability. The single concave into a slotted tail lets the board glide with ease. Multiple fin set-ups let your grom customize the ride as their ability improves or changes… Single fin for classic skimming, a twin set up for that loose surf feel, or a tri for driving down the line.


+ Skimmer Style
A fast, responsive style of board preffered by surfers that like to have more feel with their board itself and not just the fins. They can break free easier for 360s on the water or shuvits off the water. A more forgiving style of board when riding behind a steep wake because you typically ride this style of board at a shorter length (making it less likely to dunk the nose).

+ Breakthrough Series
All boards in this series are designed to help the entry level surfer “breakthrough” to the next level of performance. All boards feature a super durable PU compression molded design, beveled forgiving rails, and EVA deck pads with large surface area.

+ PU Foam Core
Strong molded higher density core.

+ Single Concave Hull with Channels
As the shape of the bottom of the board changes, water reacts differently.

+ Diamond Tail

+ Compression Molded



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