2021 Phase 5 MVP Wakesurf Board

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Designed by John Akerman, 2018 World Wakesurfing Champion. The MVP has all the features anyone would ever need to be a champion. Full deck traction coupled with rail grab channels set the MVP in a league in its own. What are you waiting for?Phase 5 stepped out of the box with the MVP, designed by John Akerman. The MVP has a brand new design element not found in another board from P5, Rail Grab Channels. The advantages are clear. It allows the rider a spot to grab onto when executing airs. They kept the Matrix outline for the MVP, but John desired to have a thicker core to have more float and forgiveness. The MVP is definitely its own animal and it keeps John pushing the limits of the sport.


+ Skim Style

A fast, responsive style of board preferred by surfers that like to have more feel with their board itself and not just the fins. They can break free easier for 360s on the water or shuvits off the water. A more forgiving style of board when riding behind a steep wake because you typically ride this style of board at a shorter length (making it less likely to dunk the nose).

+ GatorSkin GlassGatorSkin Super Tuff Carbon/Aramid glass. The strongest material Phase 5 uses. Light-weight and makes a very fast/stiff board for those demanding the best performance.

+ 5/8 Thick

Less float, more responsive. Increased pop and sensitivity. Always continuous core.

+ V.R.T. Technology

Refined vacuum assisted hand lamination process with built in glass/bar stringers on bottom edge of board for extra strength and pop.

+ Continuous Core

Same thickness from nose to tail. Adds float in 3/4 boards. All 5/8 thick boards are continuous for best performance.

+ Polyester Resin

Polyester resin is the most widely used resin in the composite industry. It provides quality strength and durability.

+ 1 Fin

Center solo fin setup found on most of Phase 5s skim style wakesurfers. Least amount of drag offering the most speed and agility.

+ Epoxy Texture

Textured finish used on selected premium boards. Less weight and increased performance.

+ Propel Bottom sheet

Properitary material used to create Phase 5s digital graphic inlays.

+ Ridge Grip Rail Channels






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