2021 Phase 5 Phantom Wakesurf Board

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SURF STYLEDesigned by Parker Payne. The Phantom will exceed your expectations and send your riding into new dimensions.The Phantom is built with Phase Five’s FLEXtec V2 glass system. FLEXtec V2 gives the feeling of a traditional surfboard while delivering wakesurf specific features. We teamed up with Parker Payne to see if we could get a board under his feet that he would truly love. Mission accomplished, and we can’t wait to see where this surfboard takes everyones riding.FEATURES+ Surf StyleFor riders that like a little bit of everything. They want to generate power through their bottom turn, but still be able to quickly and easily leave the waterline. A growing style of wakesurfing designed for bigger airs leaving the wake, but can still easily lock in for a proper cutback.+ FLEXtec V2 LaminationNext generation lamination integrating Innegra and carbon inlays.+ V.R.T. TechnologyRefined vacuum assisted hand lamination process with built in glass/bar stringers on bottom edge of board for extra strength and pop.+ Epoxy ResinIncreased strength and stiffness, especially when combined with carbon filter.+ 4 FinsFour fins positioned to create a loose, but more controlled ride. Offers increased traction.+ Epoxy TextureTextured finish used on selected premium boards. Less weight and increased performance.+ EPS CoreUltra lightweight 2 lb. density core used in Phase 5 surfboards. Caution: EPS foam melts at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid extreme heat and prolonged exposure to elements.+ FlexspineExtra carbon inlay strip running from nose to tail. Enhances stiffness and overall board performance.+ Carbon Reflex Speedrail+ FCS Fin BoxesPERFORMANCE:SURF | ADVANCEDCONSTRUCTION:FLEXTEC V2FIN:QUAD



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