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2021 Ronix Modello Skimmer Wakesurf Board

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SKIM STYLE TRICKS ON OUR MOST AFFORDABLE BUDGETA new board that makes 360s easier by breaking free from the waterline and has more stabilitythan a traditional skimmer. The Modello Skimmer is a perfect shape for skim purists. Mount all three fins and youll have the stability of a traditional surfer. Coming in at Ronix’s most affordable value with the durability you would expect from a wakeboard.Available in 4’10.FEATURES+ Skim StyleA fast, responsive style of board preferred by surfers that like to have more feel with their board itself and not just the fins. They can break free easier for 360s on the water or shuvits off the water. A more forgiving style of board when riding behind a steep wake because you typically ride this style of board at a shorter length (making it less likely to dunk the nose).+ Modello ConstructionHip swaggering rhythm between rider and board meets Ronix’s most rock-solid construction. Less prone to dings and more connection to the water than most of their surfers.+ Thin ThicknessThe thinnest profile for a rider that wants the most feel with the water. Allowing the rider to surf more connected with the board, either using a shallow fin or no fin at all because the board has so much natural grip.+ Hard RailHigh speed carves for riders that like to jump on the gas pedal.+ Machined EVA Front Pad w/ Concave & Machined EVA Rear Pad w/ Extra Tall Tail KickHigh performance EVA built to withstand years of swells with as much traction as you can get out of foam. Most of these boards come with an arch support for your back foot, concave on your front foot for greater response, and an extra tall kicktail for added leverage.+ 2 – 2.3 Polycarbonate Fins & 1 – 2.9 Polycarbonate FinA solid overall fin for the average recreational level surfer. These transparent creations can easily be adjusted with an Allen wrench.+ Liquid Lava High Temp Surf ResinA high temperature resin used on all of Ronix’s surfers, built to withstand mother natures extreme heat.+ Core – Handmade by RobotsEvery surferRonix makes removes human error. All of their cores are machined to the exact tolerance they specd out.PERFORMANCE:SKIM | INTERMEDIATE | ADVANCEDCONSTRUCTION:MODELLOTHICKNESS:THINRAIL:HARDFIN:TRI



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