Hyperlite 2022 Satellite Wakesurf Board

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Out of the Satellite Beach Shaping Lab of Scott “Butch” Bouchard. Volume delivers push down the line, even on the smallest waves and Butch has combined the volume of the Satellite with an aggressive shape for high end slayshing and carving. Drop the trailer fins in for a tighter feel and more push or surf without them for a soulful style session. Run down the line and pop big airs with the Satellite shape, guaranteed shredder and fun for the entire crew.


+ Surf Style
For riders that like a little bit of everything. They want to generate power through their bottom turn, but still be able to quickly and easily leave the waterline. A growing style of wakesurfing designed for bigger airs leaving the wake, but can still easily lock in for a proper cutback.

+ Layered Glass
Hyperlite’s fiberglass is available in three weights depending on the board. Over time, traditional woven glass fibers will separate. With layered glass every Hyperlite deck will have the same pop off the double up year after year.

+ Single Concave Base
Channels water down the center of the board for a solid and controlled feel.

+ Quad Fin
Delivers more control and speed directing water to the end of the board and out the tail for better acceleration.

+ Machined EVA Traction – Diamond
Ultra grade EVA foam machined into diamond shapes with a rough finish increases grip and hold.

+ Tail Shape – Rounded Square
A fast tail shape that gets rid of water very quickly permitting a wider tail profile.

+ Butch Customs Shape
Scott Bouchard has been shaping wakeboards for close to twenty years, working with the biggest legends in the sport. Based in Satellite Beach, Florida, Scott’s influence on wakeboard and wakesurf shapes can be seen throughout Hyperlite line up.

+ EPS Core
Expanded polystyrene foam provides a super lightweight and durable core.

+ Lap Construction
Top and bottom fiberglass laminates overlap around at the rail to increase strength reinforcing the board.

+ Durashell Construction
Hyperlite’s proprietary construction process combining compression molding and vacuum finished techniques.

+ Tail Profile – Wide
The wider the tail shape the more push you have down the wave with increased ollie power.







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