Ronix 2021 Forester Capella 3.0 CGA Mens Vest





Their thinnest CGA option, the Ronix Forester CGA Life Jacket provides a wildly comfortable fit while obeying local laws. The Capella 3.0 Design is Ronix’s most advanced vest file and is sure to blow your mind when you slip it on. A water resistant liner wicks away moisture to keep it lightweight even once you’ve jumped in the water.


-CGA Style Vest

-Capella 3.0 Design

-Cylindrical Construction

-Manhattan Tailored Fit

-Water Resistant Liner

-2 to 1 Foam Thickness

-Extended Length

-2 Way Stretch Neoprene

You know that feeling when you go to crouch down to assume the wakesurf position, and it feels like there is a small ballast bag attached to your stomach? Well…. not anymore – our thinnest CGA vest gives you more freedom to stay low for the endless summer barrel.



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