Ronix 2022 Volcom Sea Captain Wakesurf Board

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ON THE RAIL DRIVE WITH A LEGENDARY NAMEA new thruster inspired shape for surfers looking for on the gas edge hold. This board has a narrower outline allowing it to sit deeper in the water.The result is a strong edge that will lock into a turn like few boards in Ronix’s range. For the rider that wants a strong, powerful cutback, but alsoto feel more connected. Did we mention that this collaboration comes complete with artwork created by the bees knees of surfing?FEATURES+ Hybrid StyleToss some buckets with some smooth, linked turns inspired by your favorite saltwater surfer. Traditional surf shapes have a thicker profile and a mellower rail/bevel allowing a rider to pivot a turn more from their back foot and are best ridden with either a deeper fin or multiple fins. Riders usually apply more pressure on the back half of the board and generate more force through a turn. Still very capable of doing tricks on and off the water just with a fluid like feel.+ Koal Surface TechnologyA construction incorporating the core of Ronix’s high-end Koal Technora, molded similar to the Modello boards, and wrapped in a bulletproof Surface Skin.In short, the lightweight feel of your favorite high-end surfer, the durability of your wakeboard, and a skin that breaks up the water for less resistance.+ Standard ThicknessThis thickness is for a rider that just wants the classic feel of a traditional wakesurf cross section – not too thick, not too thin. Offering greater feel for the water than its thicker counterparts, but also has more top water speed than a skimmer.+ Hard RailHigh speed carves for riders that like to jump on the gas pedal.+ Machined EVA Front Pad w/ Concave &Machined EVA Rear Pad w/ Extra Tall Tail KickHigh performance EVA built to withstand years of swells with as much traction as you can get out of foam. Most of these boards come with an arch support for your back foot, concave on your front foot for greater response, and an extra tall kicktail for added leverage.+ Fin-S Tool-Less Design Featuring Spring Lock TechnologyRonix has partnered with Fin-S on the most simplistic, tool-less fin attachment out there. Using proven Spring Lock Technology, with an intuitive 2-stage engagement and removal for the most secure, lightweight setup available.+ 3 Symmetric 3 FinsA similar rake and outline as the floating version. These standard fins are made out of a traditional fiberglass. They dont have the response of Ronix’s other Fin-S Fins, but they are used on the same tool-less mounting system.+ Liquid Lava High Temp Surf ResinA high temperature resin used on all of Ronix’s surfers, built to withstand mother natures extreme heat.+ Core – Handmade by RobotsEvery surfer Ronix makes removes human error. All of their cores are machined to the exact tolerance they specd out.PERFORMANCE:HYBRID | ADVANCEDCONSTRUCTION:STONEY BALONEY TECHNOLOGY | KOAL SURFACETHICKNESS:STANDARDRAIL:HARDFIN:TRI



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